February Horoscope for Aquarius

(January 20th – February 18th)

Finances are both better and challenging this month. Money owed you may begin to come in and the possibility of a raise or money for a project is in the air. What has been missing is focus. The chaos that has surrounded you will leave and it’s up to you to build a new routine that works. Strive for balance, no extremes.  

Aquarians are free spirits. What makes them so is their ability to express the different facets of their being without worrying about what others think. What they don’t do is box themselves into a set personality. We all have different faces that want to be expressed, but we tend to become what gets validated. In Aquarius, the process is reversed, they seek to become what they feel inside and when love is added to the process, others accept their persona without question. To an Aquarian, the opinion of others doesn’t hold much weight, especially when it comes to how they should live their life. However, if Aquarians find themselves controlled by others, they may use their uniqueness as a sword or a form of punishment – they will act and dress to make you uncomfortable. This makes them an outsider because the process is based on anger, not love.

The New Moon on the 15th is in Aquarius -- the focus is on you. This can make you very nervous, because you often pay more attention to others than yourself. See it as a chance to improve the balance. You’re always learning and growing so use your newfound wisdom to add to your persona and life. Let go of saving others, and be an example of independence and strength. It’s time to focus on your own goals and put your past behind you. You’re either an Aquarian with great boundaries or they don’t exist. If you have good ones then Saturn’s influence will help you out; if you don’t, then its time to add clear parameters and boundaries to how you live. Without guidelines or goals, it’s difficult to advance. So if you’re living from moment to moment, slow down and see where you’d like to be in a year or in ten years. Goals help you set limits and focus, even a freedom loving Aquarius needs structure to help them evolve and grow.  

The Venus Neptune conjunction is happening in your 2nd house of money and values. Money is seldom a priority for an Aquarian, ideas and love are at the top of their list. Naturally idealistic, the Venus \ Neptune conjunction this month will enhance the dreamer in you, but what you need is some practical solutions to your finances.  With Saturn in sextile, you may manifest some of your high expectations. Whatever happens it will get you moving in the right direction.

Pluto and Uranus are in battle and it’s not over this month; it ends in May. You and the demands of your career are at odds. Someone is either demanding too much from you or you’re demanding too much from yourself. Your life can change suddenly, and so adjustments will need to be made. Whatever happens comes as a surprise, but it was expected. Friends will be helpful, but what is really required is just faith in yourself. When you believe something, you convince others of your value. Don’t sell yourself short and do present yourself as well informed and serious. Anything short of that will give the message that you can be manipulated or used. There are many ways to get your mission accomplished, so don’t believe that there is only one option – there are many.  

Saturn moved into Capricorn on December 20, 2017 and it pulled you inward and away from the world and all its craziness. Now it’s time to find a balance between how you feel inside and what’s going on around you. It’s time to clean out the cobwebs of your psychic. The past has to go. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a purpose or a very special memory. You have a whole new world waiting for you and you need to create space to invite it into your life. Saturn will provide the structure and support you need to accomplish your goals. With Pluto also in your 12th, there is an intense internal direction, a desire to bring what is within you out into the world. Always in touch with your inner voice, the difference now is that you feel you have no choice; there are no other options than to do whatever it is you feel you have to do. So don’t fight it, embrace the journey and know that it doesn’t mean you won’t have time to dance under the stars when you hear the music. On the contrary, expressing yourself will become a part of your everyday life.  


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