April Horoscope for Aquarius

(January 20th – February 18th)

There’s a lot unexpected surprises this month; some good some challenging. With three planets in the 12th house of the unconscious there’s no way to know what’s going to happen next. You’re good on your feet and quick to make decisions – that’s what is required now. Relationships are strong and supportive, so enjoy the ride. 

Uranus, your ruler, takes approximately seven years to pass through a sign. It has been in Aries since 2011 and it will leave on May 15th of this year.  Each sign it passes through influences you and your life in some way. Uranus in Aries hasn’t added to your self-control, it’s explosive and exciting, but it has freed your anger and your voice. There is a need for action. If your Mars (ruler of Aries) is negative in your chart, then you may have had some angry moments over the last few years. And if anger was difficult for you in the past, chances are you’ve made it a friend. On a positive note, whatever you’ve gone through, the reward is certainty and clarity of vision. Aries divides and it judges right from wrong; Aquarians usually avoid these judgments always wanting to be fair. However, the struggle to connect these two opposing forces has brought the Aquarian to the end of its rope. How much do you accept before you walk away? Judgments are a form of protection; they keep you safe from those who don’t share your generous spirit. As we race to the end of this amazing awakening, this air sign finally understands what is acceptable and what isn’t and it turns out to be a very clear red line.  

The Full Moon on the 30th places the Moon in your 10th house of career.  Be prepared to get recognition and attention, maybe even a raise. With Neptune in your 2nd house of finance in trine to both the Moon and Jupiter in the 10th house, a lot of opportunity and reward can come your way. If you’re working for yourself, the opportunity is still there, helping you expand, grow and reach your goals. The Moon can often represent publicity, or a chance for others to see your talents and skills. Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of this moment to let others see exactly what you have to offer. This is not about bragging, it’s just smart business.

With Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn in your 12th house a lot of what will happen this month will catch you by surprise. Twelfth house issues are beyond anyone’s control; our only defense is how we respond. So be prepared for the unexpected. Some of it will be great and others will be challenging. The trine from Saturn to the Sun will help you take an idea and turn it into something real. If you’re a creative person, then this could be a very lucrative time. The Mars square Uranus is the unpleasant part. There is anger that could emerge from nowhere. If you have road rage, do be careful. You don’t want to have an accident over stupidity. You may find that you are angry about everything, which means anything can set you off. What probably has happened is an accumulation of annoyances; they’ve been building up and now want a chance to have their say. Pull in and take a deep breath -- this too will pass. You need to be in charge of your emotions. Don’t let them get the best of you.

In spite of all the chaos, relationships should be good. The Sun rules your 7th house of partnerships and with a trine from Saturn someone will help keep you stable and strong. Accept the support. You are attracted to someone who has a strong ego or inner strength, but you need your own voice now. It’s important to add your truth to the moment, if you don’t, you will be constantly adapting to the needs of someone else. Eventually that’s a problem. Your ruler Uranus is in square to Mars, so you’re not in a peaceful place and some relationships may be difficult. What you need is alone time. You need to reconnect to yourself and you need to stop adapting to everyone else’s needs. Let them adapt to you. Let others worry about making you happy. If you’re single, the energy is good for meeting someone. The problem is you have so much going on that you may not be able to give a new relationship the attention it needs. So proceed with caution. Venus is in trine to your ascendant so there are social events and a certain electricity in the air for you to work from.

Mercury goes direct on the 15th. Until then it will be difficult for things to advance without problems and delays. Even when it goes direct, Saturn makes a square to Mercury and keeps the challenges happening. Don’t fight it; get organized. Be prepared to move forward by getting everything else done. Then when the obstacles are removed you’ll advance with ease.  




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