February Horoscope for Aires

(March 21st – April 19th)

Finances are good and so is your career, so don’t get upset when a few friends don’t agree with your choices. There are times when you have to stand in your truth regardless what others believe. Your life continues to shift as a new environment is sought for you to set roots. Once you find your comfort zone, a new you will emerge triumphant and ready to tackle the world.

Aries is known for it’s quick response, its fast pace, and intuitive nature. Ruled by Mars, this planet has the ability to slice through difficulties like a sharp knife. Their speed gives them an advantage; it gets them to the head of the line and their intense focus on winning keeps fear at bay. Able to take the lead their challenge is to hold it and persevere. They can easily lose their motivation when inspiration begins to wane. Motivation is passion, and it has to come from within. The combination of fearlessness, confidence and innocence is very sexy. It’s the best of heaven and earth and if you have an Aries in your life, you will love them one minute and in another want them to disappear. However, what they give you is loyalty, honesty and a lust for life – these amazing gifts make everything worthwhile.  

February has no Full Moon because January had two of them – it’s not a common occurrence.  However, the New Moon this month is on the 15th and it puts the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius and your 11th house of friends.  With Jupiter in square to these planets, you may find that your usual support system is not there or it disagrees with what you’re doing.  As an Aries, you tend to believe that others are either with you or against you and that concept needs adjustment. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing, if its handled in a loving way. There is no such thing as all right or all wrong. When you can come out of your world and experience a different perception, then you have reached a higher level of consciousness. Agree to disagree. Jupiter in Scorpio has nothing to do with following the beaten path. It’s about ignoring what others think and being guided from within. Your challenge this month is to expand your beliefs and see where they need adjustment. What seemed right yesterday, may not apply today. Update your perceptions so they represent who you are now.

As an idealist you don’t need support to think the best of others, or to fear the worst. This month your ideals are being challenged by the need for action. With Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and square Mars, you could easily become self-critical and diminish your confidence. There is nothing wrong with seeing your flaws, just don’t distort them; improve them. Self-awareness is there to help you grow. If you don’t support yourself, you may find yourself stuck. There is a positive side to Venus\Neptune, your creativity, spirituality and global consciousness is enhanced. If your career requires any of these three things, you will feel on fire. Your imagination is at an all time high and the need for action is strong. If you are working on a project, it will get done and redone in an attempt to make it perfect. Just know when to stop.

Uranus at the end of Aries makes you feel powerless because chaos rules until it leaves your sign by the middle of May. By itself its an agent of change, in Aries it challenges your vision and how you accomplish your goals. The mission now is to create new patterns that are more productive. There is a warrior engrained in every Aries and when the chips are down the default position is to fight. Know that in May the fighting will end. It’s time for you to make money and use the experiences of the last seven years to bring you a reward. By next month Mars will ignite your passion and you will feel on fire. When that happens you can’t be stopped.

Venus rules your house of relationships and you will feel independent at the beginning of the month, then there is the danger of falling into a funk – particularly if you’re alone. This is not a good month to commit long term or be in anything other than a quick or secretive affair. Of course, if you are already in a relationship you may find that you need some alone time – please take it. Your partner’s imperfections are obvious to you now and what you need is to see them and find a way to move on. No one’s perfect. Your strongest asset is also your biggest flaw: you are idealistic. It gives you the strength to rise above a problem and keep moving forward, but it also leaves you isolated in your fantasies. Reality is always a challenge and this is where Saturn helps out. It’s sextile to Venus and Neptune and this earth planet adds a touch of practicality to the picture. You’re in danger of being a pleaser or wanting someone else to please you – but what you really need is the truth spoken in a loving way. You can’t get strong or grow on fantasy alone. So face what you don’t want to see, then move forward with a smile. The challenge is there to make you stronger and wiser. 


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