April Horoscope for Aires

(March 21st – April 19th)

Your career takes center stage and there is an obsessive quality to your choices and actions. The danger lies in your temperament and the anger that comes up when things don’t go your way. Self-control is essential to success. When it comes to love -- you feel passionate, but you want things your way and that seldom works in a relationship.  

Aries have two major challenges: their ego and the anger that comes when they’re not at the center of attention. Wisdom and knowledge are necessary to help this impatient, impulsive soul make good choices. Self-control must be learned for their own happiness and ability to advance without unnecessary problems. When an Aries feels slighted, they often just don’t show up and this can hinder both relationships and success. The key to finding balance is to engage the ego with a purpose – a higher cause. When the ego gets credit for changing an injustice or helping others, then it learns to get acknowledged through working as a team, and not just solo.

The Full Moon on the 30th places the Moon in the 8th house of joint finances, power, sex and transformation; nothing inconsequential here. With the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter, it may seem that the world has become stubborn just to cause you problems. There is opposition where you don’t expect it. However, the more sincere you are about what you’re doing, the easier it will be to bring others to your side. You have the power to inspire and influence, so now is the time to use it. You get upset when life is not perfect, but then you’re a perfectionist that believes ideals can exist in reality. With the Sun in Taurus in the 2nd house of values and desires what you want you can have – but you’ll have to persevere and deal with mistakes, deception and the usual culprits of a good life. Remind yourself that nothing arrives exactly the way you want it – not even Prince Charming. But you can work toward shaping things into your vision. That’s what life is all about.    

Career is strong with Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Any time the universe brings these three planets together things start to happen – the focus is intense. The only problem is communication and your ability to make the right decision. So step back and don’t fight for an empty ideal: fight for what you want, not the way you want it. Realize that your intensity can push some people away, so take a break and add some joy and laughter to the moment. Don’t worry about how others perceive you; you will come across as the authority of whatever you are doing.

With Uranus at the last degree of Aries, you feel disconnected and at times a bit crazy. Put Uranus energy with Aries and electricity is created – it’s exciting or destructive and sometimes both. The last degrees of Aries will bring several issues to a critical point. Your passion and your vision may need your attention now. These are things that get you up in the morning to go to work as well as help you put up with a boss that doesn’t appreciate you. They are a source of strength and they need some adjustment; don’t be afraid to make changes. You have grown and you now see yourself more clearly, so of course your goals need adjusting. Don’t let a little shift in your direction throw you off. What makes things difficult this month is the Mars in square to Uranus. This is anger and arguments, or just plain frustration and it’s not good to carry it around. Go running, work out at a gym, or just scream in the shower, but get it out.

Mercury is retrograde until April 15th. Communication is incomplete and new projects will have trouble moving forward. Try not to sign any contracts until after the retrograde. However, even when things go direct, they don’t get moving. The culprit is Saturn; it makes a square to Mercury. Saturn loves to create obstacles or just slow things down to a snails pace. Instead of fighting the inevitable, use it to your advantage. Get other things done. Organize, throw things out, or make space for the new. Use your time to prepare so when everything finally picks up speed you’re prepared to move forward quickly.

Saturn goes retrograde on the 18th at 9 degrees of Capricorn. It has already been in Capricorn for 3 months and you should begin to feel its influence. It’s all happening in your 10th house of career. If you embrace this planet it will reveal its powers – it’s great at showing you what’s not working so you can make adjustments. The problem is most people don’t want to know the truth; they just want to feel good about themselves. However, getting things to work properly should be the goal and if you’re strong enough to see what needs to be fixed and you take the time to get things right, when you do move ahead you’ll surpass the competition in no time.

Libra rules your 7th house of relationships and Venus; its ruler is in Gemini. You have a strong passionate nature and with the Moon and Jupiter in the 8th house you could be feeling very sexy. Unfortunately, your schedule will interfere -- if you let it. Remember, balance is the key to happiness. So make sure your partner understands your situation – you’re overworked. Let he or she know that you’re thinking of them and when you get a free moment – make it special. The hectic schedule won’t last, so keep that in mind. If you’re single then variety is what you’re seeking now. It’s very easy to get bored, if you don’t have a new challenge in your life. If you are looking for  “the one” then you could meet him or her in your neighborhood. You don’t have to travel the world to find a soulmate; you just have to be ready to receive love.  


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