February Horoscope for Cancer

(June 21st – July 22nd)

You’re being challenged to change and grow. Don’t fight the inevitable. Get organized, share your vision and your opinion and listen to the ideas of others. These are all things that are not on your list of strengths. However, they are necessary to have a great month and a good life.

Aware of their uniqueness since a child, Cancers feel lost and insecure, unless they were encouraged in their youth to own their differences with pride. For a lonely soul, any emotions provide a quick fix to solitude because they give a fleeting sense of connectedness. However, these intense, versatile and fleeting feelings need a master, they wait for direction and yearn for discipline. Without it there is only trouble; like an out-of-control child, they will indulge, argue or give up and instead of empowering you they deplete your energy and take your sanity. Emotions are meant to fill in the gaps, support you, inform you by gleaning information that facts can’t provide and yes, when used properly they make you feel connected and whole.  However, they are only as good as their master. If you want them to lie, they’ll support your story, if you want the truth, they’ll offer that too -- it’s really up to you. And when your mission is to escape reality entirely they will create a fantasy that you can live in and avoid life entirely. So take the risk, feel the pain and extract what makes you different from your personal perceptions and experiences. This will be your signature, your stamp of uniqueness and it is where your genius lies. Honor it. Add it to whatever you offer the world. Then everyone will know this is you and you will be remembered.

The New Moon on the 15th places the Sun, Moon and Mercury in your 8th house of transformation. With Jupiter in Scorpio and in square to these planets, you may find yourself in a crisis with colleagues, employees or your schedule. Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, and it’s transiting your sixth house of work and health. Most of us are creatures of routine and routines provide a false sense of safety. If you’re the boss, and change must happen, take the time to listen to the lives you will affect. Being heard goes a long way and makes it easier to accept whatever it is we don’t want. If you work for someone, then know that your schedule will be adjusted. Change is inevitable; or should I say growth. You’ll find yourself attracted to what’s out of the box, not what’s in it. Embrace the new and you’ll soon see the benefits. No one can stay the same forever. It’s not healthy.

Uranus square Pluto creates opposition or conflict and they come from the different relationships of your life. This is a month of crisis, but then that’s the only thing you pay attention to. When others complain you don’t listen unless you have to. If you want things different, you need to be present every day and not just when you don’t have a choice. What needs your attention now, is your expectations – they’re out of sync with reality. With Mars squaring Neptune you’ve got to bring your vision down a notch – at least for now.  When you do, things begin to move. A problem is your need for secrecy; you don’t like to reveal your thoughts or feelings to others. You’re great at reflection, but what this moment needs is action. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, it’s time to reveal your truth – no more protecting it. No one can read your mind and sometimes you expect them too. Become a better communicator and share your ideas. Don’t worry about disagreeing, just present your thoughts and listen to what others have to say. It will change you and some of your stubborn positions.   

Relationships are complicated this month. Saturn, the planet of reality, just moved into your 7th house of partnerships. If you’re in a relationship, you will see it with new eyes. Your partner may appear stronger than you thought. They haven’t changed, you’re just more aware. Both of you are evolving, but your goals may be  different. Now is the time to sit down and find a way to walk the same path. It will take honesty and courage to get to the truth and find a solution. If you embrace the quest with love you’ll get results. If you’re single you may find yourself in a serious relationships with a few problems that are difficult to resolve. Saturn never makes things easy, but if you commit to the challenge, you will come out smarter and better than when you started. Find the courage to face your fears, and you may end up in a serious relationship.  

Venus conjunct Neptune in you 9th house of beliefs is pushing you to see your potential. You are capable of doing so much more than you could ever imagine. The problems on your path are there to help you stretch yourself and accomplish more. Once you see where you can be, then all it takes is focus and a commitment to persevere. Get your ego out of the way and things will get done. With Saturn strong it’s time to be organized and use your time effectively. No more winging whatever comes your way. Streamline your work and you’ll raise your productivity. Commit to order and you’ll reap the benefits. 


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