April Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd – January 19th)

You have three very powerful planets in your sign, so you and what you need to do, is the number one priority in your life. Financial opportunities are available if you’re interested. Be careful of your idealism; make sure you look at the facts and not just your dreams. You need to be practical now; it’s essential to success.

Capricorn sits at the top of the chart, the peak or summit of the journey. This placement inspires most souls born under its influence to never settle for anything less than number one. A Capricorn’s desire for success is mature.  The ego is tamed and what they want is the power not the attention. They don’t care if anyone knows they’re pulling the strings as long as they are in control. This gives them a certain freedom that being at the center of attention doesn’t provide. There is a shyness and a boldness to Capricorns. When they are filled with a passion or a goal, then nothing gets in their way. If they’re in unfamiliar territory, they become cautious and introverted, they can seem vulnerable or insecure, but don’t let that deceive you, as soon as they know the ropes they take over. We are moving toward the end of the journey and the soul is capable of doing it all. In Capricorn we have a well-developed inner world and a courage and strength to conquer the outer world. The challenge is to keep them connecting and speaking to each other.   

The Full Moon on the 30th places the Moon in the 11th house of friends and humanitarian causes. This is when we realize just how important we are to others. The truth is your friends depend on you. You have a strong sense of self that draws others to you. With Jupiter in your 11th house you not only give support you get it. Idealism is strong and so is the desire to enjoy life and give something back. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to participate in a charity, either by giving your time or financial support. The pull is to make a difference in the world and to appreciate the gifts of life that you are already enjoying.

With Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn you have the focus and power to accomplish a great deal. What will hold you back is anger and any thoughts of revenge. The Mars square Uranus will reveal a financial issue, perhaps someone has cheated you, or you expected too much from them and they let you down. On the obstacle path, there is Mercury retrograde. It goes direct on the 15th.  Until then it will be difficult to get new projects done. After the 15th things could start to move, but the Saturn square to Mercury prevents forward progress with ease. The good news is Venus rules your house of career and until the 20th it makes a trine to your Capricorn planets. This ensures that some forward movement happens, even if its just enough so you can connect with others and get yourself organized. After the 20th, Venus is isolated so once again advancing a project will not be easy.  

Cancer rules your house of relationships. The Moon is a sensitive, internal planet that reflects its environment. Cancers either have great control over their emotions or they tend to fluctuate, creating drama when it comes to their feelings. A lot will depend on how you as a Capricorn express yourself. If you’re blocked, you could attract someone very emotional. It’s one way of getting you out of being stuck. If you can express your feelings, then your choices improve and your partner could be balanced. Who we are has a lot to do with whom we attract. The Moon travels through all the signs every month. It is in Scorpio during the Full Moon and in Aries on the New Moon. Thus relationships have to cope with strong emotions and some verbal battles as one or both parties vie for more control. With Saturn, Pluto and Mars in your sign, there is not much energy left for others. You will need to focus on yourself. If you’re not in a relationship, it will probably stay that way because there is just too much going on.  

Jupiter in Scorpio is temporarily retrograde in your 11th house. It’s making an opposition to the Sun and a trine to Neptune. This brings you interesting financial opportunities. Neptune can be very fantasy oriented, so you need to balance it with facts. Make sure that if you decide to invest, you’re coming from reality and not what you hope things will be. The Sun rules your 8th house of investments. The opposition may create some resistance to whatever it is you want to do, but Sun\Jupiter is strong and the challenge can push you to think your ideas through. If you’re not in a position to invest, then the information may concern your own personal growth. After all, the 8th house also rules personal transformation.



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