February Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd – January 19th)

You’re starting a new phase in your life, with Saturn in your sign. So clean out the old and make room for the new and you’ll move the process along. This is a mixed month, there is support when it comes to your career, but someone does oppose you. Don’t waste your time changing their position, just go around them and all will be well.

This is your time to get ahead and consolidate your reputation. Saturn, your ruler, is in your sign and it’s giving you an extra dose of power and confidence, just what you need to get you to the finish line sooner than you thought. Your steady, even pace can make others misjudge you; they don’t see you as a threat and this gives you an advantage. When you do show at the head of the line, everyone’s surprised but you. With Saturn on your ascendant, you are experiencing a new beginning. The focus should be on cleaning out the past so the new has room to enter. Creating space signals the universe you’re ready for something new. The more you listen to the energy and respond to what needs to be done, the greater your reward. The next two and a half years will lift you up and help you succeed, if that’s what you want.

The New Moon on the 15th places the Sun, Moon and Mercury in your 2nd house of money and values. You will be focused on making money and getting your finances in order. You have either wanted to or always invested in things that were not mainstream. You have an eye for what’s missing, for what the world needs but doesn’t know yet. This is a great month for either making money, or figuring out your new goals. In fact, you may find that you’ve placed a lot on your plate and its important you don’t add anything that’s not absolutely necessary to your schedule.

Your career is ruled by Venus; this month it’s traveling with Neptune, which makes your ideals strong and perhaps a bit too high. There’s nothing wrong with reaching beyond your grasp; in fact, we can all do so much more than we think we can. What you don’t want to do is see it as an everyday reality. You need strong practical decisions to get you to where you want to be. However, it is always the blend of opposites that bring about the best results. Ideals and practical steps, when they work together they can manifest change that’s remarkable. This might be easy for you to do if it wasn’t for the square to Mars. You need a strong ego to make this happen, you have to believe you can manifest whatever it is that you want. If you’re a Capricorn that lacks faith in yourself, then Neptune will place you at the bottom of your despair. You can stay there or you can pick yourself up and move forward. When you do, you stop being your own worst enemy. Commit to your dreams and persevere, when you do, you command the universe to pay attention.

Cancer is the sign on a Capricorn’s house of relationships, and the Moon rules Cancer. The Moon changes signs daily so there is always emotional highs and lows that are experienced. If you are stoic you may find yourself attracted to an emotional partner. And if you’re the one expressing your feelings, then your partner will have all the self-control. Opposites do attract. So if you want to change what you bring into your life, seek out balance. Don’t be extreme unless the moment calls for it. With Saturn on your ascendant you will present your partner with a new you. He or she has probably noticed that some things have changed, but now it’s really apparent. You’re more together and clear on what you expect from yourself and others. For some that will make things easier, for others it may be a problem. Don’t compromise your growth because someone else has trouble adjusting to it. They will get comfortable eventually with the new you.  If you’re single then you may find yourself feeling the need for a serious relationship. Don’t hold back, if you feel it go for it, just make sure you’re not in a hurry and you pick someone who shares your values and your vision. When you have those two things, its easier to work out the rest.   

Pluto square Uranus engages your 2nd and 4th houses. It’s all about security and home and how much money you think you need to feel safe. If you’ve already overcome adversity, then this will not be an issue. What the square is asking is that one looks ahead and is prepared for change. Everything has it challenges – even good things. So it’s important to see where you could be vulnerable. That’s just smart. Not everyone is supportive, in fact you could meet up with strong opposition to whatever you want to do. Opposition always helps you see how serious you are or how strongly you believe in what you want to do. If it’s a whim, you let go and move on; if it’s not then remind yourself that there are many ways to accomplish a goal – it just takes imagination.

Mars rules your ego and your ability to take action. This month it’s in Sagittarius, the sign of wisdom and beliefs. However, for Capricorns, this puts Mars in the 12th house where worldly recognition is less likely. This is a spiritual house. The ego gets diminished here and recognition is less likely. If you’re not really concerned with praise, then this will pass unnoticed, but if you would like to be acknowledge you may be disappointed. So just be prepared. The good news is, it’s not forever and next month your ego will be strong and I guarantee it won’t get dismissed. 


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