February Horoscope for Gemini

(May 21st - June 20th)

You’re learning how to be you without interference. When you do, so many obstacles disappear. Relationships are challenging, your finances need you to take charge, and you’re about to make some new friends to replace the ones that are on their way out.

The journey to self is the most challenging of all adventures and it has both a spiritual and an earthly element that needs to be expressed. For a Gemini, the ultimate challenge is independence: that means depending less on others and more on faith. Geminis long to feel the freedom to express who they are without worrying about being judged. As they struggle with making the right choice, they learn that it’s more important to have an experience than to do something perfect – that’s how one discovers the hidden sides of oneself. The next lesson is about truth; they learn theirs is actually different from everyone else’s. After all, no one sees anything exactly the same way. Once they realize that being different is essential to their power and success, they no longer try to please just for approval they please by being themselves.

The New Moon on the 15th puts the Sun, Moon and Mercury in your 9th house of beliefs. It’s time to see where your thoughts and ideals differ from those close to you. If you don’t see yourself as separate, you deny yourself a great deal of personal power. This is your time to reposition yourself in the strength of love. With Jupiter in Scorpio squaring your Aquarius planets, you will feel pushed to expand and reach for more. Give up your perfection and just advance. You can’t enjoy life when you have to be perfect. Be free and don’t worry about what others think, don’t even worry about where you’re going, what’s important is that you listen to your inner voice.

Career and goals are good. With Neptune conjunct Venus in Pisces, the ruler of your 10th house, you are aiming high and you can get there – you feel it. You are so good at aligning your goals with those of others and somehow getting what you want out of the experience. How much easier and more powerful to just go down your own path and let others adjust to you. Remind yourself you’re not here to assuage their fears; you’re here to be an example of how to live life with love and adventure. Your versatility and instincts are your greatest strengths, so keep them close and use them often. What’s difficult for others may not be difficult for you, so just reach for the stars and sprinkle them with some of your fairy dust. Everyone and everything appreciates a little magic – and you have it.    

If you’re in a relationship your partner will not hold back, if he or she is unhappy with your path – they’ll tell you. Relationships are challenging because of fear – they’re holding you back because they want to feel safe and they tell themselves they’re protecting you. However, your spirit was born for adventure and although you may not always have listened to it, this month you won’t be able to ignore it’s calling. Let your partner deal with his or her insecurities. You can’t fix anyone but yourself and the sooner you realize this, the happier everyone will be. We don’t grow without being challenged, so overprotecting those you love just perpetuates problems. If you’re not in a relationship you could meet someone, but it won’t be based on anything lasting. What you need to move forward is someone who shares your goals. You’ve learned its too difficult to live on separate paths. Look for someone who is good at communicating their knowledge and feelings. When they respect your opinion, it won’t matter where you differ, it will be worked out.

Friendships may be in crisis. As Uranus prepares to leave the sign of Aries, it brings up issues that are unresolved. You have attracted friends in the past that feel they know what’s best for you. However, your ability or willingness to compromise is at a very low ebb. You’re tired of doing things their way and you realize that they don’t seem to care when you’re unhappy as long as they are. It may surprise you how much more attention you get when you don’t pay attention to what others think. If you find yourself sorting out people like the garments in your closet, don’t worry -- you’re just following the stars. It’s time for new influence, for friends that challenge you, rather than hold you down. Unfortunately, not everyone grows at the same pace.

The ability to transform oneself is a very powerful thing. With Pluto in square to Uranus the changes you have made are obvious to everyone. You’re no longer a bank for the desires and mistake of those you care about. Your finances are for you. And it’s time you took possession of them. It doesn’t matter how much work you do, or how creative you are, if you don’t participate in how your money is used, or where it is going, you are not in charge of your life. Your instincts are amazing, start using them in practical ways. Fear of abandonment has always slowed you down, but no longer. In the past, you got abandoned when you were afraid, now you find strength and support when you face your fears.  You have earned whatever it is you’re about to receive. My guess is its something very good and exciting. 


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