February Horoscope for Leo

(July 23rd – August 22nd)

Relationships are a strong focus this month along with your finances. Don’t take any big risks when it comes to investments. However, it’s a good time to start a new relationship. If you’re in one, your communication skills will need to be used and improved – learn to listen.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun, that planet that resides at the center of the universe. To be born with this identity, this natural assumption that you deserve respect and power, is both an advantage and a challenge. If you were the center of your parent’s world, even for a few months, you received a validation of your position. If that was never the case, then you will grow up in conflict, knowing you’re special, but wondering why no one else sees it. This internal conflict either motivates you to prove your worth, or turns into anger and self-destructive behavior. Both choices require knowledge and understanding. If you’re always trying to prove yourself, nothing will ever be enough. And if you’re angry and self-destructive you’ll sabotage your opportunities. Either way happiness will be elusive. The easiest way to gain self-worth that’s lasting is to make a difference in the lives of others. If you reach out and help those who need it, sharing your knowledge and strength, then you will feel renewed and gain a sense of importance – and it will have nothing to do with winning the prize. 

The New Moon on the 15th falls in your 7th house of relationships. This aspect may make you aware that having a partner, someone you can lean on is important in your life. If you are already in a relationship your may be in a crisis or just stuck on doing something one-way whether it works or not. Everyone is going through a great deal of change, and it’s not easy to alter old habits and embrace new ones. A Leo’s relationship is better when it’s on equal footing. You need someone who won’t let you always take charge – if they do -- you’ll resent them because now you have all the responsibility. You’re not the best listener and that’s what needs to happen here. Communication must improve and the Leo needs to be aware that having wisdom doesn’t mean you always share it. Some souls need to find their own way if they’re going to learn. If you’re single this is a great time to start up a relationship. After all it’s a New Moon and a new beginning.  

Pisces rules your house of finance; you have a natural instinct on where to put your money or how to make it in the first place. With Venus conjunct Neptune in your 8th house, the message is to keep your feet on the ground and not take any big risks for the moment. Don’t believe your broker a 100%, authority figures could be wrong. In fact, even your own instincts might miss the mark right now -- so play it safe. Things keep moving and growing so you are making money, just be cautious when it comes to investing large sums of it in one particular venture.

Taurus rules your 10th house of career, and by the way, Taurus is a very lucky sign. My guess is that you seldom have trouble finding a job – if you really want one, it will appear. When you have confidence in your talents, you attract opportunity. Wherever you have confidence you invite in success. With Venus, the ruler of Taurus conjunct Neptune, you may find yourself struggling with some lofty ideas when it comes to your goals. It’s a good thing to take a concept and expand it to its maximum, but then bring it back to reality – to a first step. If you can do this, then you can use your imagination to achieve great things. Of course you’ll have to face obstacles, it’s what keeps you honed and strong. However, it’s also important to go deeper within yourself and reflect. Self-knowledge is necessary, not just to succeed, but to maintain your success for a long, long time.   

Jupiter at the base of your chart in Scorpio gives you all the strength and resilience you need to tackle any challenge. The Scorpio energy is rebellious; it wants to do things it’s own way, regardless of what those in authority want. If you work for yourself, this is not a problem, but if you have to live by someone else’s rules you may not be able to handle the situation. When you have a boss you’ve got to do things their way. That is, if you don’t want to get fired. Remind yourself that you can learn from everyone, and that if you are humble enough you can learn from someone else.  to acknowledge that there are things you don’t know – then you may be open enough to hear what others have to say. Only the Sun can be the center of the world all the time. 


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