April Horoscope for Leo

(July 23rd – August 22nd)

Relationships are changing and it’s not because of you, so don’t panic – support the change. Focus on your work and be supportive, if you can, the chaos will begin to disappear. With Mercury going direct on the 15th things should begin to move, but a Saturn square to Mercury keeps things at a snails pace. Don’t get upset, work with what you have and all will be fine.

Leos have the burden of presenting themselves as strong. Somehow the message was conveyed as a child that what the world wanted was invincibility. No one is interested in an explanation, nor do they want to understand, just tell them what you can do and how fast you can do it. The healthier the Leo, the more connected they are to both their inner world of doubt and vulnerability and their outer world of certainty and power. It is the constant exchange between these two facets of a soul that keep it strong and in a state of growth. Unfortunately, too many Leo’s forget that their heart is at the center of their being. They work for success and approval and often forget to enjoy themselves. The irony is that Leo rules pleasure and just having fun. As a Leo, your challenge is self-acceptance – pleasing others should not be at the top of your list. When you value your own opinion first, everything else will fall into place. Sure you might be good at playing the game, and presenting yourself exactly the way others want to see you, but can you do that without loosing sight of the fact that it’s just a game. What’s really important is how you feel inside.

The full Moon on the 30th occurs in your 4th house of the home and family. It’s your inner world where you feel safe. It’s time to tweak the balance between your work and inner nourishment. The 4th house is also the mother, and it represents nurturing energy. It’s the unconditional love received as a child that teaches one how to give it to oneself. Whatever mistake you make, you can forgive yourself and learn from it. The feeling that all will be well no matter what happens because love is present is what makes life worth living. With the Full Moon in the 4th house you will see where unconditional love is missing. Perhaps its time to give more of it to yourself.

Mercury goes direct on the 15th in Aries. All the miss-communication and craziness that usually arises at this time should begin to disappear. However, a square to Mercury from Saturn keeps the pace slow and the road still full of obstacles. Forcing things to happen, won’t work, so concentrate on making things ready once the door of opportunity opens. Be prepared is the Boy Scott motto and that’s what you need now. Chaos and confusion are not just being caused by the retrograde, Uranus, the planet of change is at the end of Aries, where it’s been for seven years. It’s changing signs in May, but before it leaves, it’s making sure everyone reexamines their vision and where they’re going. It’s uprooting what used to be certain and that makes everyone feel lost. So take the time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be and don’t be afraid to see yourself and your desires differently. After all you have changed.

The conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn has put an emphasis on your work and your schedule. These three planets together can turn anything into an obsession. Your focus may become acute and your motivation will increase. The sextile to Jupiter and the trine to the Sun will help you get things accomplished. Leo’s feel good when they work hard, it helps them channel all those repressed emotions.

Uranus rules your house of relationships and as I stated before it is at the end of Aries. If you are having problems in your relationship then the intensity will increase until it leaves the sign on May 15th. If you want things to work then start communicating your feelings and your truth. Things can be fixed if you’re committed. Aries problem’s have to do with an inner insecurity due to their dual nature: independent and co-dependent – they can be both at the same time. Separation is difficult for an Aries, and so it affects their independence. So much of their battle is internal. If you’re single, it’s going to be difficult to have anything more than a fling right now. The changes that are happening around you are creating too much confusion. But a love-affair can be a great escape. 


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