April Horoscope for Libra

(September 23rd - October 22nd)

This month is about intimacy and getting rid of the anger that keeps it from happening. You are the sign of relationships and yet, you often avoid them or the closeness that makes them worthwhile. Express yourself. Face your fears and you’ll realize that they weren’t as powerful as you once imagined. Your imagination is strong and great for whatever business you are in. New ideas will flow nonstop.

Libra represents balance, but what creates balance? To keep your life flowing you need to have a strong core. That core is your truth and your truth is based on your values. The more solid and strong your values are the easier it is to make decisions about what is right and wrong for you. However, to stand in your truth requires the ability to confront. There is always someone who is anxious to oppose you. Remember you don’t have to fight or defend your position, you just have to believe in it. Libra is a very powerful sign, but to follow your beliefs requires you to stray from the crowd. They will complain and try and bring you back to the “accepted ideas.” Having and owning a truth is not an easy thing. Parents don’t always reward you for being honest in fact, it’s a lot more common to get punished for stating how you really feel. And so we grow up believing that it’s better to keep our truth to ourselves. What experience will teach you is when and where to take a stand. Don’t fight useless battles. Save your energy for what matters.   

The Full Moon falls in your 2nd house of values and finances. This month you’ll get an idea of just how much intimacy you’re capable of handling. You may long for love, but how do you keep it away? Are you only attracted to the man or woman who is not really available?  What is your comfort zone? A lot of that will depend on how much love and intimacy you had as a child. The Full Moon always brings things to a head, so this is your chance to look at the issue. Finances are often a substitute for emotions. How you spend your money shows how insecure or secure you are. Do you have self-control or do you spend money to make yourself feel better? It’s time to look at the issue and make some positive changes.

Mercury goes direct in Aries on the 15th and things should begin to move, but Saturn almost immediately begins to square Mercury. Saturn slows things down and it often provides obstacles to test your perseverance. So if you’re working on something important, hang in there. Things will move just not as quickly as you’d like them to.

Aries rules your 7th house of relationships. It’s ruler Mars squares Uranus and anger is not repressed so tempers fly. Uranus has been in Aries for seven years and during this time it has been working on excavating what you have hidden and repressed. Now that it’s about to leave the sign, it’s all coming up. Whatever is not working in your relationships will be very clear. My advice is, face the music and try and solve your problems. Ignoring them just makes things worse. When you start a conversation you have a chance at getting to the truth or a place that you both can embrace. If you’re single, this is not a good time to meet someone. You’re not going to have the state of mind necessary to deal with the needs of someone new. Of course, if it’s only passion you’re after, then it could be a great month – but the kind of passion I’m talking about is often over quickly. There is an anger inside that needs to be expressed. So try and get in touch with it and what you are really feeling.

Cancer rules your 10th house of career and its ruler is the Moon. As Neptune trines the Moon toward the end of the month your imagination and creativity began to soar. Ideas can flood your brain. Whatever you are working on should begin to move forward by the end of the month. Your biggest challenge is boundaries; you can’t say yes to everything, so you’re going to have to say no. Not just to others but yourself too. If you overload your schedule, nothing gets done.   

Saturn, Pluto and Mars are conjunct in the 4th house and so there are issues to cope with at home. Either someone is trying to control you, or you’re the culprit who wants to be in charge. There is nothing wrong with being in control of your life, in fact, it’s what we all strive to do. It’s how you go about doing it. When you are truly independent, others sense it and leave you alone. Remember, there is anger in the air. So don’t be surprised if you have to face the frustration and emotions of someone close to you. The key to handling tension and passion is self-control. Don’t get into insulting each other. Someone has to take the high road for things to work out well. So listen as long as the other person is not abusive. Hopefully you know how you feel, if you do, it’s important to know where they’re coming from. Once you have both sides of an issue you can find a way to meet in the middle.  

With your ruler Venus in Taurus for most of the month, you feel comfortable with yourself, in spite of all the frustration that is brewing below the surface. The focus is on you. Don’t be afraid to be selfish now. In order to know yourself, you have to spend some time alone. Take care of yourself and listen to your desires. Venus in Taurus is about self-indulgence -- just don’t take it too far. On the 25th Venus moves into Gemini and you’ll be on the go so there won’t be time for you to fix your emotions by going on a spending spree.   



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