April Horoscope for Pisces

(February 19th – March 20th)

Your spirit longs for an adventure, so book a trip or at least try something new. It’s time to aim high and reach for the stars. Go for what you really want, not what you think you can get. If you can imagine it, you can have it. Relationships are not easy because communication is difficult. Just take care of yourself and things will fall into place by the end of the month.

The power of Pisces is faith. Other signs can deceive themselves that success and material possessions are important, but they know that they’re not. This water sign needs to rely on it’s instincts not what everyone else values. The challenge is to be your own person. To define yourself in spite of what others are doing. For a Pisces the only thing that works is a connection to their personal truth – without faith in themselves and what they’re doing, nothing will make them happy. Make a connection to your spirit, start meditating or taking walks in nature. Anything that turns you inward will be helpful. Spend time with yourself and avoid distractions. You need to believe in you. You need to be amazed at your ideas, insight and creativity. You need to trust your inspiration and the flashes that appear from nowhere to give you a message. A Pisces needs to be their own best fan and when they can – everything else falls into place.   

The Full Moon on the 30th activates your 9th house of beliefs. This has to do with your ideals and desire for adventure and truth. With Jupiter also in the 9th house, don’t be surprised if you plan a trip. There’s a deep yearning to challenge yourself by experiencing something new. It’s so easy to get locked into old patterns or routines. And Pisces are either adventurous souls or they spend their lives playing it safe. The choice is fear or faith. If you’re living your life in fear, nothing will make you feel secure. Faith comes from believing in yourself – from taking a risk. The key to feeling empowered is to get out of the way of others; let them butt heads without putting yourself in the middle. And if you know what you want – just go for it—don’t ask for the opinion of others.  

When it comes to career, you have the angels on your side. Creative work will especially be rewarded. The trine from Neptune to Jupiter, the ruler of your 10th house, means that a unique vision of where you’re going may appear. Pay attention. It’s time to aim for the summit, to go higher than you ever thought possible. If you can imagine it; you can have it. Don’t put off interviewing for that job you never thought you could get. Sign up for a class that will improve your chances of increasing your value to your employer. It’s all about climbing the ladder and preparing yourself in any way you can.

Relationships may suffer with Mercury Retrograde this month. Either you’re being dragged over the coals for things you did several years ago – again – or you feel stuck and unable to communicate what’s really going on. Mercury goes direct on the 15th so things should begin to move or return to normal around that time. However, Saturn interferes. It makes a square to Mercury and Saturn always provides obstacles as well as slows things down. So if you have an agenda with your partner things may not get done. If you’re single, it’s going to be challenging to hook up with someone new; too many difficulties.  Of course, never forget that your personal chart trumps any astrology column.

Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn bring your focus to your friends, charities and social clubs. I would not be surprised if you have a busy social schedule. Or perhaps there’s a particular event that has your attention. If you’re working on a charity or a cause then you’ll throw yourself into it and really make a difference. Communication is not easy now, so you’re going to have to speak up and ask for what you want. Everyone is focused on their own thing and if you can’t get their attention then nothing gets done. So take charge.

Finances can also be challenging. Mars rules your 2nd house of money and it’s in square to Uranus. Don’t go on any shopping sprees unless you can afford it. This is an aspect that often makes one feel out of control. So it’s easy to overspend and regret it later. If something is worth buying, it will be worth purchasing a few weeks later. Don’t be in a rush. 


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