February Horoscope for Pisces

(February 19th – March 20th)

Your career is really the focus now, do you stay or do you go. It all depends on how fulfilling your work is. You need a challenge, so if you can find it in your work -- that’s great. If not look elsewhere. There is a strong desire to avoid reality and not deal with your dilemma, just know it doesn’t go away. 

The Pisces mission this month is communication. Gifted with a brilliant mind, you can easily lose confidence in a world that doesn’t understand you, a world that rarely shares your values or sees you the way you see yourself. Never doubt yourself. As a Pisces your mission is to know that what you have to offer is exactly what the world needs, but before they’ll pay attention you have to believe in you. And don’t forget the world is very influenced by how you package yourself and your ideas. Most people don’t see beyond the presentation. So pay attention as to what others see, and don’t expect them to go deeper right away. Remember it doesn’t matter if you were born rich or poor, you are the creator of your world and if you offer your talents with confidence others will notice. Think you’re worthless and they will agree, believe you’re a genius and they’ll pay attention. You have the magic wand, but only faith can turn it on.      

The New Moon on the 15th places the Sun, Moon and Mercury in your 12th house. This is a time for spiritual nourishment, a time to withdraw enough from the chaotic world to recharge your spiritual batteries. Once you do, you will feel stronger. The 12th house is really about finding inner peace and so if you’re not doing the work you love, you’ll know that its time to change. You have a sensitive nature and your environment influences your self-confidence and your ability to be successful. Don’t ignore how it makes you feel. Pisces are not always vigilant about keeping others at a distance. If they don’t trust themselves they will pay too much attention to what others think. Your first lesson is learning the word “no.” Set your boundaries and keep the opinions of others at a distance. Stand up for what makes you happy and make your own choices. In fact, the less you share with others the easier it is to do your own thing.

Jupiter the ruler of your 10th house of career is in your 9th house of beliefs. It’s making a square to your Sun, Moon and Mercury, and pushing you to get out of your routine so you can experience something new. You have played it safe too long and that has not empowered you. The only way to feel protected is through knowing you can rely on yourself to speak the truth. Yes, you have to be able to confront others when necessary. If you’re afraid of disappointing them, you’ll end up isolated and that only makes matters worse. If you’ve outgrown your career, then move on. If you have already done so, then your challenge now is to make yourself a niche and start operating from there. Make friends and secure your relationships before you try and prove your worth. New people on the job are always a threat until others know them. So be social before you show your talents.

Saturn has just moved into Capricorn and its residing in your 11th house of friendship. Over the next two and a half years Saturn will make you aware of what you really need from friends. Friends give support that is different from your family. Friends come from their own point of view and it helps you see the world in new ways. Not everyone in your life should be there. If you’re the only giver, then let go. Don’t worry there are new good friends on the horizon. As you change and grow you need to add new people to your support group. Your new friends will inspire you and help you to grow.

Relationships in your life now will also be asking you to change. There’s no escape, you’re going to have to expand in one way or another. It’s time to climb out of the box and look around. You may see something you love. With Neptune conjunct Venus in Aquarius, you’re looking for romance, for idealism and fantasy – not reality. You want to escape and you can for a short time. However, sooner or later what’s real will show its face.  If you’re in a relationship then you’ll have to work with it, if you want to stay. If you’re single, then enjoy the fantasy and when it’s over you’ll know if you want to take the next step or just move on.   





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