April Horoscope for Scorpio

(October 23rd - November 21st)

The focus this month is on you and how you handle relationships. Are you selfish or selfless or a bit of both? The key to your happiness is finding a balance. With the Sun in your 7th house relationships should be good, but they’re headed for some big changes in May. You will probably feel the shift already. If you’re in a good relationship it will only get better; if not, then this is your chance to resolve your differences.  

Scorpio is a water sign. Water signs are sensitive, empathetic and emotional – and yes Scorpio’s have these qualities but they’re balanced with strength. The soul has learned that it has nothing to fear about being different. They’ve learned the only way to make your mark in the world is to follow your own passion and listen to yourself. Scorpios feel superior to others, because they listen to themselves and it gives them distance and a more objective perspective. Not looking to please or be validated by others, this water sign is eager to find their own path regardless of the risk of being rejected. They can open and close their sensitive nature at will, switching between empathy and dictator without hesitation. It all depends on whether or not they see you as a friend or a foe. Scorpios are risk-takers; they go where they need to go to do what they want to do to follow their passion. They are led by their inner desire not by their comfort. In fact they enjoy a challenge.

The Full Moon on the 20th happens in the 1st house. It’s all about you vs. others. If you haven’t taken care of yourself enough, if others have been too demanding, then, this is the month to say no. It’s important to get this dynamic right, so you can make any adjustments along the way. A Scorpio will always want to take something to an extreme, but it’s their ability to switch to the other side that saves them – by rebalancing their mind, body and spirit. It’s important to be BOTH selfish and selfless. You have to give and receive and know when one is more appropriate than the other. Most Scorpios were either spoiled or abandoned by their mothers, or a little of both. If you were spoiled, then you will either want to continue the pattern or you‘ll attract others who won’t give you that extra does of love. Take a harsh look at this issue in your life it’s the key to your happiness.  

Mercury goes retrograde on the 15th and things slowly begin to move forward. However, communication remains in a somewhat crisis mode because Saturn makes a square to Mercury. This planet always slows things down and often provides obstacles so that you can become tougher and clearer on your goals. So don’t expect to move things forward without encumbrances – its not going to happen.

Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn are conjunct in your 3rd house – communication. You’re either going to be very busy or very shut down. This is an intense aspect, so it flows to one extreme or the other. If it’s not you with an issue to resolve, it could be a sibling or someone in your environment. Perhaps they’re going through a difficult time and you get involved. The only dangerous part of this aspect is Mars in square to Uranus – a combination that always creates frustration and anger. The challenge is to not hold your emotions in, but also don’t just let them out. What is your mission, to release your feelings or be heard? If it’s to be heard then you’ve got to speak in a way that others will listen. Organize your thoughts so someone has to pay attention. It’s an intense month, but then you are an intense sign, so you may even enjoy it.

Taurus rules your house of relationships and Venus is its ruler. With the Sun in the 7th house you should not have trouble either meeting someone or taking your special someone out on the town. The sun is about being seen and shinning. Especially since it’s in trine to Saturn. Whatever you do together has significance and meaning to both of you. So this month if you’re in a relationship it can deepen and make you happy. The intensity at the end of the month could affect you personally, but it won’t be dragged into the relationship. Uranus has been in Aries for seven years and in May it moves into Taurus the ruler of your house of relationships. Things are going to change when it comes to partnerships. If you’re content, then it will only get better. If you’re unhappy, then you could break up. One way or another things shift and you see each other with new eyes. If you’re single then you’re going to feel very good about your prospects and your independence. The person who gets your attention will really engage you at a deep level. He or she will turn you on and excite you in a way that has been dormant for some time.

With Neptune in trine to Jupiter, the magic of creativity and illusion are strong and will be for a while. This makes reality easy to cope with, but then it also prevents you from seeing the truth. So if there is a need to know what’s really going on, do dig deeper than your first impressions. Neptune tends to fog our consciousness and create a sense of safety. It can be wonderful or trouble, depending on the moment.



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