February Horoscope for Taurus

(April 20th – May 20th)

It’s a great month to advance your goals and achieve success. Nothing has changed except your focus. You are now paying attention to what needs to get done. Relationships are not going to be easy; partners tend to oppose you now. Your life is in a state of change; stability comes from one sure step at a time.

For a Taurus freedom is the essence of life. However, many misread its true intention. Freedom does not mean a lack of commitment, or an avoidance of responsibility -- it means you choose what you commit to. To choose requires one to put their desires into a hierarchy of importance; some desires get satisfied now others are put on hold. A Taurus lesson is you can’t have it all at the same time so you have to learn to let go. Once a choice is made, you have the freedom to pursue it your way. What fills a Taurus with fear is the responsibility that comes with that choice – now you’ve got to show up. Remind yourself you’re showing up for yourself. The more you accept responsibility the easier it is to fulfill its demands. Ignoring what has to be done only makes things worse. Get the dirty work out of the way right away and your path will be free to enjoy for awhile. Of course there will always be a challenge, that’s what life is all about.  

The New Moon on the 15th puts your career center stage. It is something you have wanted to happen and now you’re going to understand why it hasn’t. As soon as you choose your goals, the world around you seems to say “What about me? Why are you ignoring what I want?” Every Taurus wants love more than anything else and they often wrongly interpret the solution as pleasing others. If you spend your life trying to make everyone happy or if you defy a requests just to prove your independence, then you’re not free and manifesting your dreams will be difficult. To advance without difficulties requires a commitment to what makes you special. With the Sun in Aquarius this month, what makes you unique is clear and it’s asking you to pay attention and help it manifest. You want success now, in fact you can taste it. That’s the motivation you need to make it happen.

Relationships are challenging this month. You may find that your partner or your friends disagrees with your choices. Everyone is going through change, so they’re insecure. This brings out the worst or the best in everyone. Taurus is attracted to tough love. The problem is getting motivated, which means you attract passion or opposition. Commit to your passion and the sea will part, work with opposition and you’ll have to fight your way to success. The truth is you don’t trust yourself, and without passion or opposition you are filled with doubt. When you have an enemy, you think the answer is to oppose them, but that just keeps you agreeing or rebelling. If you stay in this pattern, life will always be difficult. Stop basing your actions on others and just choose because you are listening to yourself. If you’re not in a relationship, then you’ll need some patience because this month is not the best time to hook up. Change is happening and although it makes you uncomfortable, you are actually happier when your routine is not written in stone. You will have choices so don’t take the first thing that comes your way. With the Sun in Aquarius you’re feeling your independence and that’s a good thing.

There is a love affair going on inside of you, Venus, your ruler, is conjunct Neptune. These two planets are natural partners and what they do is fill you with imagination and inspiration. Hand in hand they will inspire you to reach higher and do more than you ever thought possible. Just don’t fall into a need for perfection. If you’re too self-critical, you’ll slow yourself down.

Uranus at the end of Aries, ruler of your 12th house, keeps the unexpected in your life for a few more months. So don’t get too complacent, things are going to keep changing, making sure you keep your focus on what’s important. Uranus is also square Pluto the ruler of your house of partnerships. This is not a good time to forge a business or a personal relationship. There are too many obstacles. In fact, whatever relationships you have will feel rebellious. There is an issue that needs to be looked at, so pay attention.  

Jupiter is in square to your Aquarius planets (Sun, Mercury and the Moon) and the pressure is simple, it’s time to expand and grow. Have faith in yourself. Work toward your independence -- both financial and emotional. This is what you need to feel free enough to make a commitment without anxiety.    


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