April Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)

Business and goals are blocked for a few weeks but relationships are both supportive and strong. Mercury goes direct on the 15th and things slowly begin to move forward. With Saturn, Pluto and Mars conjunct in Capricorn your obsessive nature gets intensified and the challenge will be to not let a person or idea take over your life.

Virgos have learned an important lesson, you can’t control others and the world, only yourself, so pay attention to your mind, body and spirit. This is the sign that rules health, diet and ones work schedule. It also determines how you spiritually connect to others. In short, are you looking for a pretty face or someone with a good heart? There’s nothing wrong with wanting both, but most people focus on one or the other. As the soul moves closer to total self- acceptance, it also begins to realize that having it all is possible. The more of yourself you can embrace the greater your goals can become. So many Virgo’s are self-made. They have journeyed from nothing and through focus, talent and hard work they became exceedingly successful.  Virgos have a relationship with the unknown whether or not they embrace it. The more they can take a risk for their passion, the more the world pays attention. The risk of a Virgo is not crazy, it’s based on a strategy, they go after their goals. Always remember, the universe rewards faith in oneself.

The Full Moon on the 30th puts the Moon in the 3rd house of communication, adventure and siblings. You could feel bored with life and long to take an adventure. You’re tired of following the rules, you’d like to open your world up and have a new and unusual experience. Travel is always one way of fulfilling this yearning. If you travel to a place that is very different from the way you live, then it will

challenge you to grow. However, you don’t have to travel to introduce yourself to new things. Learn a new language, talent, or make a new friend from a different culture. All these things stimulate your life and help you see yourself differently. So stretch your beliefs and reassess them on a regular bases and you’ll find that by opening yourself up you enhance your life and help yourself grow. 

Mercury goes direct on the 15th in Aries. Aries rules your 8th house of transformation, power and sex. The good news is projects and ideas will begin to move forward. Whatever has been stuck, will start to move. Aries has been the catalyst of a lot change. With Uranus at the end of the sign, it has been challenging all of us to recast our vision or at least adjust it. Where are you going? What do you want to accomplish? Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and as it prepares to leave it sets off your 8th house of transformation. Something within you has changed and now it’s up to you to see what that is so you can project it out into the world with clarity and power.  

Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn are creating an intensity and focus in your 5th house of pleasure and authority. However, to have a good time one needs to feel free and this conjunction does exactly the opposite. Don’t be surprised if you are more obsessive than usual. If you apply this intense aspect to the right things you will manifest something amazing. If you get obsessed with a relationship that won’t work, or something you want that’s not good for you, then it could bring you down. It’s really up to you.

The versatile sign of Gemini rules your house of career. Mercury, its ruler, has been retrograde for the first two weeks and goes direct on the 15th.  When it goes retrograde it’s hard to move new projects forward. So use the energy to clear out your desk, get all those things done you never had time for, and be prepared to advance when you can. Unfortunately, once Mercury goes direct it is squared by Saturn. Saturn will keep things at a snails pace and provide some obstacles to overcome. The key is to not have high expectations and just do what you can do. It wants to redirect you, so don’t push against the resistance, instead try and see a better way of getting what you want.

Pisces rules your 7th house of relationships and its ruler Neptune is making a trine to Jupiter. This brings you support and a feeling that you’re not alone. Someone gets you, not just how you present yourself to the world. There is a deeper understanding of what makes you tick and it’s very seductive. If you’re in a relationship then it should go deeper this month and make you feel that being together has made you stronger. If you’re single, then you could definitely meet someone. Jupiter creates opportunity and expansion. So get yourself out there and you’ll be surprised, you may just meet “the one.”


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