February Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)


Your world needs to expand and grow, that means you have to let go. It’s your challenge anyway. Relationships can be romantic, but you feel rebellious so cooperation is out of the question. A little defiance is healthy, too much and you’ll sabotage your own happiness.

By the time the journey to self-realization reaches the 6th house of Virgo, spirituality is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity. The sixth house, rules work, health and what you serve -- the choice is the heart or success and power? What you serve also determines your beliefs and what you manifest. In Virgo we begin to see the world as connected and not divided: good and evil, light and shadow reveal themselves together. There is no one all good or all bad. Virgo pushes the limits so far that they expose the link between opposites. The more you see the world as connected, the less random the events in it appear. That apparent wrong turn in the road was not actually a negative – it led you to new opportunity. And what you thought you got away with last year has finally caught up with you and now you’re paying the price. In the universe, nothing is lost, forgotten or without a consequence.  

The New Moon on the 15th puts the Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 6th house – the Virgo house. The emphasis this month is on work, health and relationships. It’s a great time to sort out business and schedules. Put yourself on a healthy diet or just see where your life is off balance. Try to let go of old hurt, pain and fears so that you’re free to rise above them and see the bigger picture. From above it’s easier to see a solution or an open door. With Jupiter in Scorpio and square the Sun, Moon and Mercury, you are being pushed to grow. That means its time to create a new comfort zone. The old patterns need to be stretched or changed entirely. You want more, you need more and to have it you have to trust the unknown and let go.  

Pisces rules the relationships of a Virgo. If you’re in one, then don’t be surprised if this month you find yourself at odds with your partner. You both appear to want different things. Your mission is to listen with love then express your thoughts; the ability to do both is the key to happiness. If you’re single you could fall in love, but that person will probably not be available. This is a time of fantasy -- not reality. Whichever side you decide to lean toward, just know that Virgo’s are some of the sexiest souls of the universe; you know how to blend the bad with the good and you create a combination that is irresistible.  

Saturn entered Capricorn in December of last year and now you want more authority at work and home. With Taurus ruling your 10th house of career you have a natural confidence and luck when it comes to work. If you focus on your goals, chances are you’ll achieve them. In fact it is your ability to stay focused on a task that puts you ahead of the competition. The more you stretch yourself to achieve, the more you will accomplish.

Pluto and Uranus are in square this month and together they make it difficult for you to be heard. What you need now is patience, and that’s not your strongest quality. Another aspect of this square is rebellion. Whether you are the problem or others take the lead, there is a lack of cooperation. This aspect will not diminish until Uranus leaves Aries in May. So do try and figure out what you’re rebelling against or at least what you have done to make others want to dismiss your feelings.

Virgos need to embrace both the light and the shadow – it’s the quest for wholeness. If you’re angry yell it out in the shower, just don’t hold it in and don’t punish an innocent soul. When the shadow is hidden, you become critical, negative and hard to live with. With Mars in square to Neptune and Venus, nothing this month will come without a challenge. Embrace all that you are and you’ll find that life becomes simple and enjoyable. 


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