May Horoscope for Aquarius

(January 20th – February 18th)

Career and goals are strong this month with a grand trine in water bringing you opportunities you once only dreamed of. Uranus enters your 4th house of the home and it changes -- has someone left the nest or are you planning to make some changes?  Don’t be surprised if you feel both happy and sad – life is the perfect blend of both.   

Aquarians are born with a heart that wants justice and equality. This inner belief in fairness often finds Aquarians at the front of a movement or a revolution or just the champion of the underdog. There are two types of Aquarians, one puts others first due to a lack of ego and the other is very self-oriented -- they know what they want and they’re not interested in your input. It’s very freeing when you don’t look to others for validation, it allows you the freedom to follow your own heart. However, their ability to express their uniqueness and not follow the crowd either helps them stand out in a positive way or it makes them the center of judgment and even ridicule. Are you different because you are listening to the beat of your own drum or are you unique because you want to oppose others?  This is what will determine your reception. Thus, Aquarians project a sense of freedom and light heartedness, it’s the feeling of comfort that comes from self-acceptance. When you love yourself with all your little idiosyncrasies then you’ve reached your center and the ultimate place of confidence and power.  

The Full Moon on the 29th in the 11th house of your friends and social life, makes the month of May a very busy time. In fact, you may feel very idealistic about something or someone in your life, and that’s fine as long as you also have a foot in reality. If you’re not working on a humanitarian project then perhaps you’ve encountered someone who needs your help or expertise. The opposite is also possible; someone may be helping you with a project and that help came unexpectedly.  You are meant to realize just how life is full of random crossroads and that the power of your personality and heart can help you achieve whatever needs to be done. You don’t just light up the day, you bring wisdom and passion to wherever you are.  

On May 15th Uranus enters your 4th house where it will remain for seven years. If you’ve been wanting to make some changes to your home, or with the house you live in, then this is what may happen during this time. Perhaps a family member leaves for college, gets a job or moves across the country. Then the house feels empty. Or perhaps you create the emptiness by getting rid of the past and throwing out whatever you don’t need. It’s a freeing feeling and it’s all about evolution. You are becoming more independent, no matter what age you are. Embrace the shift in your consciousness and don’t be surprised if you find yourself going down a new path. And one more thing, anger is bubbling up from your new perceptions. You see things differently. Anger is a wonderful way to identify injustice. Now you know what has to change.  

The grand trine in water will bring success in work and career; yes, your finances could improve too. With Venus, Neptune and Jupiter in trine, good things are coming your way. In fact, there are a lot of open doors for you to choose from. Neptune rules your house of money and things are flowing. Just make sure the money comes and goes out. If you don’t get an outright raise, you have put yourself in a position to make more money in the future. And with Jupiter in your 10th house, opportunity is knocking on your door. So yes, this is a month to take a risk and go for what you want.

Saturn and Pluto in your 12th house triggers the necessity of faith in your life. It’s time to rid yourself of the past, to let go of old wounds that could hold you back. Don’t carry around unnecessary emotional baggage. Set yourself free. The more you release the lighter you will feel and the more your dreams become possible.

Leo rules your house of partnerships. You are attracted to those who have a strong sense of self, those who know who they are and what they want from life. If you’re in a relationship, then you may focus on your partner this month and help him or her shine. When you do, you get rewarded. Romance or a feeling of closeness could be a big part of your relationship energy in May. If you need to get away from your routine, do it. Or just make yourself cozy wherever you are. Making time to be alone with a partner is necessary for a happy relationship. If you’re single, then you may be interested in variety more than a commitment so just have fun. With the Sun in Gemini you feel like having an adventure, meeting someone new, or just hanging out with a group that thinks the way you do. 


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