May Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st – April 19th)

You’re looking for an adventure; don’t shake up what is good and supportive in your world for a quick fix. Excitement can appear in many ways, so add something to your life, don’t seek it by destroying the one you have. With Uranus at the end of Aries nothing will make you happy until May 15th when it enters Taurus. Now that’s a time to have a party.  

Aries are linear thinkers; their eye is on the goal and the shortest path from where they are to where they want to be. What they need to help them achieve their dreams is the bigger picture. Their challenge is to rise above an issue and see both sides. To move forward quickly, an Aries has learned to divide, good from bad and right from wrong. The danger is that their impatience creates judgments that are often not based on a greater truth, but rather a quick personal opinion. In fact, an Aries tends to see the world very much according to their own needs and desires – and when they see the bigger picture it’s a high ideal – something no one can achieve. Thus, an Aries often gets lost in a desire for perfection. In order to begin their journey, they need to accept the moment, be present in all its imperfections, otherwise they will feel stuck and waste time expecting something that will never happen. To move forward requires them to separate themselves from the ideal; they need to get down and dirty and work from the bottom up. Aries have always contributed new and original ideas to whatever they engage in. In fact, their views have often changed the world by showing others a better way. It takes someone who thinks out of the box to create a new perspective and so although each sign brings its eccentricities to the fore, they also add to the power of the collective voice. 

The Full Moon on May 29th, puts the Moon in the 9th house of beliefs, wisdom, and travel. Don’t be surprised if you start planning a vacation. The Moon is your emotions and this month you feel the need to experience something new. You’re tired of routine, and your soul yearns for a challenge, something that excites you enough that you’re eager to get up in the morning and tackle the world. However, don’t blame anyone for what you don’t have. Create it yourself. A new adventure doesn’t have to be a trip to China, it can be exploring a new idea, taking a class that teaches you how to be a better photographer, it’s just about opening yourself up to new possibilities. When you do, you create happiness.

The most important aspect this month for every sign, but yours particularly, is Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus. It has been in your sign since 2011 and it has changed your life in many ways. You are in a new place and if you’re searching for that new path again, it’s there, you just have to look for it in the right place. The end of Aries is not an easy place to be, Uranus, anyway is a disruptive planet and it awakens any latent desires that have not been fulfilled. When it shifts into Taurus on May 15th you should feel some relief. The battle of bringing seven years to a conclusion has been pressuring you to tie up loose ends and finish up old projects. It will return in the Fall for a few months before it moves into Taurus for the next seven years. So, this year and this month is a transition. You will see where your feet land and your eyes will be open to new possibilities. If you are centered and happy with yourself, then you’ll move forward quickly. The obstacles have been removed and now there’s an open road before you.

Taurus rules your house of values and money. It’s time to transform your relationship with these two important building blocks of life. What are your values, do you use them to set necessary boundaries? Can you say “no” when necessary? Since you are a warrior, how do you fight? Do you hit below the belt or do you battle for what you want in an honest and forthright way? This is the path to respect and love. Finances are there to support your mission. Money is energy, do you use it to build your life or is it there just for pleasure? A little of both will serve you better than an emphasis on one or the other.

Relationships are interesting this month. The first few weeks, Venus is in Gemini and in square to Neptune. There is an idealism about relationships that needs some adjustments. You may expect your partner to be perfect and of course no one is. So instead of being disappointed, why not look at what you are receiving. It’s so important to be thankful for what we have. See the truth, not just an ideal or dream.  From the 20th on, Venus will oppose Saturn and that offers the reality I’ve been talking about. What are your goals? It’s time to dig in and commit to them. Saturn will be in Capricorn, your house of career for 2 1/2 years and so it will be helping you get on a path that is part of your destiny. The sooner you do, the better. If you’re single, you could meet someone, but chances are this person will be either too much a part of your fantasy or too serious and out of your reach. Don’t worry, things will change soon. And always remember your personal chart could reveal something entirely different.

There is a strong emphasis on career that’s not going to go away anytime soon. You’ve got Saturn and Pluto in your 10th house, you are being pushed to take your goals seriously. Where do you want to be ten years from now? What do you want to accomplish? This is a great time to figure out what inspires you and change directions if you’re not happy. In fact, with Saturn in your tenth house, chances are you’ll want to do something a little different than in your past. You are yearning for change, so embrace it. That’s when opportunity begins to knock on your door.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and your 8th house until the Fall. It’s making a nice trine to Neptune, the planet of idealism, dreams and creativity. If you’re a creative person then your talents are strong now and for most of the year. New ideas inspire you and you are eager to implement them in your life and you should. If you need financial backing, Jupiter will help you get it. If it’s not financial, then support and advice is also available. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone will provide it.

Mars, your ruler, begins the month at the end of Capricorn then moves into Aquarius. The end of Capricorn is really a challenge, it brings up your fears, and now they must be faced. If you’re afraid of being abandoned, not having a job, not being recognized for your talent, get ready to face the demons. Facing these fears will shrink them and make you stronger. Once Mars enters Aquarius on the 16th, things start to happen. Mars\Uranus energy is full of the unexpected and a lot of excitement. So, enjoy. You love both a challenge and adventure and this month you’ll have both. 


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