Cancer \ July

(June 21st– July 22nd)

Your stubbornness is both an asset and a problem. When you’re on the right track your ability to persevere keeps you going and the job gets done. Most people underestimate your power because you hold things in and when it comes to a fight you’re not going to argue, you just don’t budge. Besides you’re a great judge of people; you have a strong intuitive nature and it allows you to access your opponent’s weaknesses. With the Full Moon in your 8thhouse on the 28th, your focus will be on the things you want to change about yourself. That’s a good thing if you want to grow and evolve.  

With the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune making a grand trine in water, magic is in the air. Emotions are empowering, and they help you make things happen. The Sun brings you recognition, Neptune inspires your spirit and Jupiter adds strength and support to whatever you are doing. Use these blessings to get closer to your dreams. 

With Mars retrograde in your 8th house, relationships will either improve or get worse. Old issues will resurface and whatever you do don’t ignore the problem again. If you do it will only get worse. Mars is not just retrograde it’s also making a square to both Uranus and Jupiter, and so there is no real escape. You’ll feel trapped or attacked, but what you’re really asked to do is change. The pressure to transform your old patterns is strong. 

Your career has been going through a transformation. By the middle of October, Uranus will retrograde back into Aries, the ruler of your 10thhouse of goals, and whatever was left unfinished, will now be on your plate. The universe never just advances, it undulates foreward, pushing you to face the unknown then returning you back to a familiar place for a short time before it advances and digs into the new energy. Change is not easy for your sign and you’re being asked to do it in more than one area of your life, which is overwhelming. Just slow down and remind yourself just how strong and resourceful you are. Letting go is realizing you’re not in control. You don’t have to do anything, just let the pieces rearrange themselves and then show up.

Relationships are going through a major shift.  If you’re married or committed to someone then your partner has probably had a change in their career or goals. This will distract them, and you may feel ignored. You’re too sensitive so toughen up and use the time to be with yourself, something you love. Whatever you do don’t take it personally, everyone is overwhelmed. Perhaps being alone and having Pluto in trine to Venus, you’ll be able to understand your own needs better when it comes to love. Love is easy, but life is not, so you have to be able to cope with the challenges together. 

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26thin your 2ndhouse of finance. It goes direct on August 19th. During this time people from your past may appear. You may find that communication is difficult or unreliable. In fact, getting any new project to advance is a challenge. The way to use this energy is to clean out the old, finish what you’ve started and put all new things on hold. If you have to sign a contract, of course, go ahead and do it. However, if you can wait until Mercury goes direct there will be less changes and surprises as you move forward.  

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