May Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd – January 19th)

You have become more in control of who you are and what you want. Your tolerance level has changed; you don’t put up with nonsense. The grand trine in water brings you opportunities to help your advancement. In order to achieve your goals, you’ll need faith and the courage to take a risk.

Capricorn is not a simple sign; in fact, it’s often misunderstood. It has a tough exterior, but it’s really soft inside. This is the stage of the journey when kindness and strength become partners, not limiting each other, but empowering the soul that is wise enough to know what and when one or the other is appropriate. By now, balance is essential in developing strength that endures. The misuse of power brings a Capricorn instant negative results. The luck of Taurus, the first of the earth signs, is not present in Capricorn. This is the sign of the old wise man who is judged, not just by his actions, but by his intentions. Capricorns have both a sharp mind and a loving heart. When the mind rules, there is a need to be in control; when the heart is prominent, there is no resistance and the soul surrenders to love.  The Full Moon on the 29th occurs in your 12th house of the unconscious. This is the spiritual house along with what has yet to take form. During this time your deeper self will speak up and want answers to questions you’ve been avoiding. What is your purpose or your motivation for doing what you’re doing? Are you committed, engaged or just getting the job done? It’s never sufficient for spirit to take the easy path, it loves a challenge and it wants to explore and create experiences that help one define their destiny. If spirit leads, the soul will have to face its fears and grow stronger and mightier than ever before. So, welcome the challenges that are presented to you at this time.

On May 15th Uranus moves out of Aries where it has been for seven years and into Taurus. It’s a major shift that affects your 4th and 5th houses. Don’t be surprised if there is change around parents and children. There is a desire for greater independence from everyone, including you. It will be apparent now, where and how you give your power away. Perhaps there is someone whose approval you still seek? Well, it’s time to let go and put yourself at the center of your life. When you do, everything falls into place. The trine from Uranus to Saturn helps you implement your decisions with ease. Now is the time to step up to the helm of your own life. When you do, you feel confident and empowered.  

The grand trine in water brings you opportunity and reward. The planets that make your life easy are Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Idealism is high, you feel strong and empowered, and communication is effortless. Things happen easily, and that’s part of the problem. Things get overlooked when they arrive without a struggle. This is a time to keep your discriminating skills strong and pay attention to the details. Venus rules your 10th house of career so this month it should be easy to advance and grow.  Venus opens the doors that once were closed. So be alert and attentive to opportunity.

Relationships are difficult or easy this month. With Saturn in your first house you’re not putting up with what doesn’t work for you. Your tolerance level has decreased and your voice has gained strength. If there is love between you and your partner, then the difficulties can be worked out. It’s always harder to restructure rules once they’ve been in play. If your partner’s emotions are pushing your buttons, remember you’re attracted to someone who can express them at will. That’s because you find exposing your truth challenging. It makes you feel vulnerable when you want to appear strong. It takes real power to own all that you are, not just the good parts. Accept yourself and this challenge will diminish. To feel close to someone you need to let them know how you feel. Keep everything in and that bond begins to lessen. Love is in the air with Venus passing through your 7th house of partnerships. To intensify the quest for the perfect mate, it makes a trine to Neptune and Jupiter. Things seem better than they are so proceed with caution. Enjoy the romance and when your feet hit the ground, you’ll know whether or not you want to continue or if your attraction was just an infatuation.





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