Gemini \ July

 May 21st- June 20th)

What a Gemini needs to feel empowered is a combination of faith and adventure. Gifted with a curious mind, they can keep it focused when they’re exploring something new. It is in this sign where the battle between faith and fear is waged and if fear wins, curiosity will slowly ebb and die. To face the unknown, confidence is needed. This month you should get plenty of practice. With Uranus in Taurus, the ruler of your 12th house, surprise is on the menu. Embrace it as excitement, don’t see it as an obstacle. It can’t be stopped or overcome, it must be played with. When you can juggle whatever is available on the spur of the moment, (which you’re totally capable of doing) you will free yourself from your perfectionistic ways. So, embrace your new adventures and realize that you have never really been in control anyway, so nothing has changed -- just your illusions.

If you’re presenting your artistic genius this week the timing is perfect. Neptune in your 10th house is in trine to the Sun and Jupiter:  you are not only lucky, you’ll stand out and be noticed. If you are not in a position to have anything happen, then commit to your ideals, align yourself with your dreams, at least you’ll open the pathway to your success. Neptune energy requires faith to succeed. It’s has the magic wand when you have confidence and believe in yourself. When you don’t believe, nothing happens. It reminds us that the power to succeed comes from us. Obstacles melt away when you can galvanize your mind, body and spirit behind a goal. 

The most challenging aspect this month is Mars retrograde in Aquarius. Mars rules aggression and the ability to advance and move forward. It is your vision of where you see yourself in the future. With Mars retrograde, projects and ideas you want to advance are slowed down. The energy requires patience and the ability to let your adversaries make the first move – then respond once they’ve showed their hand. When you do, you are working with the energy and it is working with you. Mars is in your 9th house this month, and so any foreign travel, studies or legal matters will be greatly affected until the end of August. It doesn’t mean you won’t win, or achieve your goals, it just assures that it will meet delays.  

Relationships are affected by Mars retrograde. Mars is in square to Jupiter and that planet is transiting your 7th house of relationships. In many ways, relationships will feel stagnant or stuck—a least until the end of August. So don’t expect a lot of change. Jupiter is also in trine to Neptune, so fantasy will be high. This usually happens when we want to escape reality and focus on the positive. Do be careful that you don’t emphasize what you want to see and dismiss reality. It is a frustrating time so don’t let an accumulation of irritations bring you down. Nothing is happening that can’t be resolved, so let it go.  

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26thin your 3rd house of communication. It goes direct on August 19th. During this time people from your past may appear. You may find that communication is difficult or it’s unreliable. In fact, getting any new project to advance is a challenge. The way to use this energy is to clean out the old, finish what you’ve started and put all new things on hold. The more you pay attention to getting what has already been started done, the more you will be happy with this energy. If you have to sign a contract, of course, go ahead. However, if you can wait until Mercury goes direct there will be less changes and surprises as you move forward.  


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