May Horoscope for Gemini

(May 21st - June 20th)

You’re back to the eternal battle between you and others, the one that never seems to go away. That’s because you have trouble pulling in your curiosity and keeping your nose out of where it doesn’t belong. It’s important now to know what to get involved in and what to ignore. Say no when in doubt. Things will work themselves out without you getting involved. Imagine that.

Your mind is always racing ahead curious, anxious and eager to explore. However, it does so regardless of the needs of your body and spirit; it doesn’t care if you’re tired, hungry or spiritually depleted – it just keeps going. What needs to happen is unification, one side of yourself cannot always lead. Bring mind, body and spirit together when it's time to make a decision – don’t leave it up to your fearful, curious brain. To do that you’d have to sit still and take a deep breath; you have to engage your instincts and honor your limitations. Yes, you have them, just like everyone else. It’s great that you can push yourself, when the moment requires it. However, when you do this on a continuous basis, then all you do is keep your tank on empty and it limits your possibilities. Not everything deserves your attention and you won’t figure that out until you put all of yourself in the moment. Be present.  

The Full Moon on the 29th sets off you vs. others. This is an ongoing challenge, not because you see others as more important, but deep down you’re afraid to have what you really want – intimacy and love. If you accepted it, you’d have to accept that you’re worthy enough to receive it. This is a great month to get in touch with you. Others will be too chaotic for you to get involved with, so focus on your own path and peace of mind. You’re far more interesting to examine, than those around you. You have dreams and yearnings to manifest, you have desires you don’t nurture because you’re too busy taking care of others. This is a time for balance, not extremes. Find that balance and don’t let it go.

Jupiter the ruler of your 7th house of relationships, is in the 6th house of work and health and it makes a wonderful grand trine to Neptune and Venus. If you’re in a relationship, it should be a great month to be together. It’s a time to recast your ideals and show each other the affection you feel for being together. Jupiter is all about the bigger picture. Don’t get caught in the nitty-gritty of your existence, see the bigger picture and it will bring you peace. If you’re not in a relationship then this is a good time to meet someone, to feel romantic and in love. Go for it. You’re open and ready for whatever the universe sends you.

Speaking of Neptune, it’s still in your 10th house of career. However, the grand trine that Neptune makes to Jupiter and Venus is a gift of the Gods. Opportunity will surround you, there is a possibility of increasing your income or the potential for it. Venus is in your house of money and it represents money, so whatever you’re doing will bring its reward. With Neptune in your 10th house of Pisces, you cannot work at what you don’t love. It’s very important for you to connect to your spirit, to your soul’s journey and not just any job. When you do, the magic starts to happen.

On May 15th Uranus will enter Taurus, the ruler of your 12th house of the unconscious. Whatever happens is totally beyond your control. It’s all about stepping back and letting the change that has to happen -- happen. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it’s noted for the unexpected. It’s the champion of truth and it has the power to wipe away illusion and bring truth to the surface. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but too much fantasy keeps you from moving forward and manifesting your dreams. For most of the month, Mars is in square to Uranus and so there is a possibility of arguments that lead nowhere, and unrest could take over your sanity. Don’t let that happen. Keep your center, and don’t let others throw you off balance. Everyone’s upset with all the changes they have to cope with. Don’t you dare try and control anything. Express yourself, take a stand and let go.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are in your 8th house of transformation. They are not well integrated into the chart this month. So, it’s up to you to connect the dots. There are major things going on in your life, some of them you should feel connected to and others need to be ignored. Your mission is discrimination. Use it well and everything will work itself out. 


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