May Horoscope for Leo

(July 23rd – August 22nd)

On May 15th, Uranus moves into Taurus the ruler of your house of career and goals. Change is happening with or without your consent – so don’t fight it. Don’t turn to relationships for help, they’re frustrated and upset over what they have to cope with. It’s time to rely on yourself and that’s a good thing.

The decision every Leo has to make is how to define who they are. Society wants one thing and their heart wants another – who should they listen to? What’s wrong with a little of both? There are times when you have to pull in and present yourself in a way that will help you advance, then there are times when nothing less than who you are will do. If you can switch between the two, depending on who you are with and what the situation demands, then you’ll be ahead of the game. A Leo’s power comes from the respect and love they give themselves. They believe in who they are and what they are doing and they’re not afraid to do the work in order to achieve their goals. It’s a winning combination. A Leo who is connected to their heart will put love into their work and it will be returned. Whatever you add love to blossoms. It brings the magic to life and it makes things happen with ease. Love helps overcome obstacles, it finds another way, opens a closed door, or gives you another idea. Passion is very attractive. A Leo who lives for the approval of others, feels empty and unfulfilled, even if it’s successful. The journey is to wholeness and so using the different facets of your being is important. Embrace the unknown and learn from it and you will find your way with ease.  

The Full Moon falls in your 5th house – Leo’s natural home. This is the house of children, father and pleasure. Only you are responsible for your happiness. If you realize this, then May should be a good month. To create happiness, you have to know yourself and with Sagittarius ruling the 5th house, wisdom is valued. When a Leo is learning, it’s happy. The Sun in Taurus will keep the focus on career, but by the end of the month, the time of the Full Moon, the Sun will move into Gemini and the focus shifts to social events, charitable causes and friends.

Uranus moves into Taurus on the 15th and your career embraces some major changes. If you’ve been wanting to change jobs, then now is the time to make that happen. If that’s not the case then perhaps your employer is making some major adjustments and they affect you. There are both good and negative aspects to the situation. The down-side is that Mars and Uranus are in square for a majority of the month, but most intensely from the 9th on. You’re upset or someone is upset with you. Perhaps the changes come suddenly and you’re not warned. Whatever the situation, the transition creates friction although it happens with ease. Venus rules your 10th house and it's part of a grand trine to Neptune and Jupiter. This is very powerful and positive, so whatever upsets you is outweighed by the emotional satisfaction or advantages that it brings. To add to the positive, the Sun is in your house of career for most of the month. That means you get recognized, that others see your skills and talents and that you will not go unnoticed.

Relationships are not easy this month. With Aquarius ruling your 7th house and Uranus in square to Mars from the 9th of the month on, you or your partner are upset either with each other, or with whatever is going on in your lives. The changes create difficulties and it’s important not take it out on each other, be supportive. If you’re not in a relationship this is not the month to meet someone unless you share what is making you upset. Always remember that your personal chart could trump whatever I’m saying, so if you meet someone wonderful and you have a different experience than what I’m saying -- you’ll now know why.

Communication is very good now, so if you have issues that need to be addressed, now is the chance to do so. Venus is in charge of how you express yourself and Venus usually has great style. Things flow when it comes to expressing how you feel and finding your position in whatever you’re doing. Don’t hold things in, bring your complaints to the boss. This is the time to work things out. 

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