May Horoscope for Libra

(September 23rd - October 22nd)

The grand trine in water brings opportunity in career. Things will flow. Take advantage of the energy and go after what you want – the odds are in your favor. Relationships are difficult, they don’t respond well to all the changes that are happening. Stay calm – the change is meant to be.  

Like a storm that brings the calm, true balance is only achieved by facing the truth, even when others don’t want to hear it. A balance created by silence, is only temporary and it sacrifices your inner peace. Nothing is worth a steady flow of anger and anxiety. What keeps you stuck is fear, fear of disappointing someone and fear of abandonment. This fear usually comes from our childhood; a time when control was not possible. However, so many of our life decisions are made without any real knowledge of the world. The key to power as an adult is the ability to voice the truth, whether anyone wants to hear it or not. It’s the balance beam that holds up the scales, the part that never changes. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, but if you’re standing in your truth you will remain centered and safe from the world.

The Full Moon occurs on the 29th and it activates our 3rd and 9th houses. The emphasis is on communication and adventure. There is a desire to break free of routine and experience something new. With the Moon square Neptune, your sense of reality is not strong, instead you prefer to surround yourself with a bit of fantasy, what you want things to be rather than what they are. Work is not satisfying and it’s important that you examine what it is you’re looking for. Perhaps you can make some changes yourself rather than blame it all on the job. If it’s more than an adjustment then start playing with the concept of change. Part of the problem is your inability to say no; others are asking you to do their job and you don’t set good boundaries. There’s nothing wrong with helping someone out, but you’ve got to be able to distinguish it from being taken advantage of.  

Jupiter, Venus and Neptune are in a grand trine this month and opportunity is there without too many obstacles. You could get someone to back you, if that’s what you need, money will not be the problem. If you want to gain the most out of this blessing, focus on the open doors before you. The gift is not just success, water rules emotions and what it brings is also spiritually fulfilling. When you feel fulfilled from within, it stays with you a long time. So, it’s time to make those dreams happen. Don’t be afraid of taking a risk. When it’s for the right reason, it usually pays off.  

May 15th Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus. Relationships should improve. Uranus has been in your 7th house for seven years stirring up trouble. It’s the planet of unexpected or sudden change and of course change is difficult for most of us. We tend to get comfortable in a routine and yet, its when we’re forced to face the unknown that we feel alive. Relationships may be an issue this month. Whatever is going on may affect your partner more than you. Try not to feed into their frustration and anger. Never take abuse, but if someone needs to vent and express their feelings allow them to do so. If one is never heard, then the problem persists. Once you are validated for your feelings, it’s easier to move on. For those of you who are seeking a relationship, this month will not fulfill your dreams. Everyone is a bit frantic over the shifts in their lives, but then sometimes that’s when one is more open to others. This is a time when defenses are either up or down. You could get lucky and really meet someone you care about.  

The grand trine in water is giving everyone a boost. As a Libra you get a little extra honey because your ruler, Venus, is part of the trine. The good news is that it also resides in your 10th house of career. So, work should flow or improve. You could get a raise, bring in new clients, gain greater prestige, or be given a chance to enhance your position. The Moon rules your house of career, on the Full Moon it is in Sagittarius, the ruler of your house of communication. This is your time to speak out, smooth the road for your success and talk to those that have influence. If none of this seems to have anything to do with you, then just ride the wave of a grand trine and let it deposit you in a place you never imagined yourself to be. And the gift is it has whatever it is you need.

With Saturn and Pluto in your 4th house of the home, I wouldn’t be surprised if something major was going on. If you own a house, you may be doing some reconstruction, if you’re renting, let’s hope they’re not tearing up the place next door and driving you crazy. There is an emphasis on your home being a place for protection. It’s become a focal point; perhaps someone in your family is going through challenging times. This is not a negative aspect, but it is an intense one, so be prepared. 


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