Pisces \ July

(February 19th– March 20th)

Neptune, your ruler, has been in your sign since 2011. Its mission is simple: change the boundaries and limitations of your life. Doubt is your enemy, faith is your strength, and Neptune will place you at the center of your fear. The choice is simple, face it or become its victim. Doubt takes you out of your automatic pilot and forces you to think and work out new ways. This is your chance to heal old wounds and own your power. It’s a great time for therapy or a good self-help book. With the Sun, Neptune and Jupiter in a grand trine in water, helping you get things moving and overcoming obstacles is what it’s there for. Don’t dismiss self- awareness as unimportant. It is the key to your success and happiness. 

There’s another grand trine going on in the heavens and it’s between Venus, Saturn, Uranus and by the end of the month Pluto. Whatever risks that need to be taken, projects presented, interviews schedule -- do it now. The stars are with you. This is why being prepared is so important. When you’re prepared, you can take a leap of faith without fear. That’s an advantage. This is also a time to ask for what you want. Ask your boss for a raise, your friends for what you need, and thank God for what has been sent your way, the angels are listening. 

Work and career are important and things are beginning to change. Jupiter, your ruler, has been transiting your 9thhouse and the sign of Scorpio. By the time it enters Sagittarius on November 9thof this year, you’re ready to move up the ladder of success. If you wanted to change jobs, you’ll have a whole year to find a better one and lots of opportunity to choose from. Right now, you’re going deeper into your talents and honing your beliefs so that they can support you as you take risks and open yourself up to greater challenges. The unknown is something you both love and hate. When you have confidence, it makes you come alive, when you feel lost and alone it holds you down because doubt is in charge. When faith is lacking --  fake it. That’s what the experts do. 

Relationships are not easy because they’re frustrating. With Mars in retrograde opposite Mercury, ruler of your 7thhouse of relationships, things will come up that were unresolved in your past and now you have a chance to solve them. Please don’t bury your head in the sand again, it doesn’t make problems go away. Your partner is very busy with work. Don’t let them take their frustration out on you. They feel stuck and because things aren’t moving forward quickly their lack of faith is emphasized. If you’re single then the world is still not playful. The Mars retrograde does take its toll when it comes to fun and pleasure. Keep in mind, it’s not about advancing through aggressive acts that usually are applauded, now it is stealth and caution that is rewarded. Wait for an opportunity and then grab it. If you’re too out front and center, others will try and sabotage your actions.   

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26thin the sign of Leo, your house of work and health. It goes direct on August 19th. During this time people from your past may appear. An old lover may give you a call. You may find that communication is difficult or full of errors. In fact, getting any new project to advance is a challenge. Don’t be surprised if self-reflection becomes a priority. You will feel the pressure to understand your own motivation and to be sure on your goals. If you have to sign a contract of, course, go ahead and do it. However, if you can wait until Mercury goes direct there will be less changes and surprises as you move forward.  




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