Sagittarius \ July

(November 22nd– December 21st)

For the last year you have probably felt less in control, and yet strong from within. Your ruler, Jupiter, has been journeying through your 12th house of the unconscious, it’s the part of you that keeps you connected to your spirit and your soul’s journey. A 12th house Jupiter is like having your own guardian angel protecting you from your mistakes, wrong steps and naiveté. So, if you feel a little safer than normal, you now know why. For the first two weeks of the month, Jupiter makes a trine to the Sun and Neptune. This is a magical time for you to accomplish whatever is on your plate. If you believe in something, it will manifest. 

The good news is Jupiter stations direct on the 11th and your life begins to move forward – at least some things do. If nothing else, you feel better about yourself and what you need to accomplish. With Mars in retrograde, new projects and ideas are still dragging their feet. Mars rules your 3rdhouse of communication and this is where you’ll run into trouble. The people you need to reach are angry and upset, so they’re not going to listen very well. Keep that in mind and choose your time to negotiate. 

Your career will make a few demands on you now. There is a need to grow and expand and perhaps your boss is trying to add more to your duties without your consent. Think before you act. And if the expansion I’m seeing is not coming from others, then it’s origin is you. Perhaps you need a bigger challenge than you’re getting. Are you looking for change? Don’t deny what you feel, if you pay attention you’ll pinpoint the answer. Work and health are actually good. With Venus in trine to Saturn, if you’re in a sales position, you will do well – the ability to make money is there. Even if you get a set paycheck, you’ll contribute to someone else’s coffer and it will only up your value. The trine to Uranus allows you to incorporate new ideas into tradition.  This is one way of getting the best from both worlds.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26thin the sign of Leo, your house of travel and wisdom. It goes direct on August 19th. During this time people from your past may appear. If you have any travel plans they could be changed. You may find that communication is difficult or full of errors. In fact, new projects may not be able to advance. If you have to sign a contract, of course, go ahead and do it. However, if you can wait until Mercury goes direct there will be less changes and surprises as you move forward.  

Relationships are a bit challenging.  Your partner’s not at peace with themselves or their work and it’s hard to reach them. Just give them enough space to work things out and all will be well. If you’re single you may meet a very independent partner. He or she will be juggling a few issues in their life, so there’s not a lot of room for someone new. If you’re just interested in some excitement, that’s not a problem. With Mercury opposite Mars there is a lot of action, but nothing serious or lasting. 


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