May Horoscope for Sagittarius

(November 22nd – December 21st)


The emphasis is on finances, that is, raising your fee so it accurately represents your value. Pay attention to your health and if anything arises, take care of it quickly. If you don’t – it won’t disappear. Relationships need balance – once again it’s you or them. Make sure you both win some of the time.

Wisdom comes with every experience, if you have the motivation and insight to extract it. By the time the soul reaches Sagittarius, it knows that the best knowledge is self-learned and that the more of it you acquire, the greater your talents, confidence and intelligence. Wisdom values both mistakes and victories as a rich source of knowledge. It’s all about learning by trial and error – when you do the lesson is yours for a lifetime. Sagittarius carries the symbol of the wanderer, the seeker, the person who is willing to leave the safety of home in order to experience something different. And from all that potpourri of life, it takes what it believes to be worth keeping and that becomes wisdom. Everyone needs a bag of magical truth, to maneuver in the world. This is the sign of politics, law, and higher education. It’s also the sign of higher consciousness or in legal terms -- the spirit of the law.

The Full Moon on the 29th puts the Moon in Sagittarius in the 1st house. This brings up the issue of you vs. others. Where do you draw the line and keep your balance? It’s a perpetual challenge to give and receive in a somewhat equal way. Equality can only be achieved over time, not in one incident. And even more important is the need to know yourself. What can you compromise on, and what can’t you? Most people haven’t got a clue. Only you know what you need. This doesn’t mean that others won’t criticize you for your choices. Unfortunately, a lot of people are threatened when you think out of the box or differently from the way they do. In spite of the Full Moon setting off your 1st house – which is you -- you’re in good standing due to the grand trine in water. Relationships in your life are taking more charge of their lives and owning their authority. The stronger someone is, the easier the relationship as long as they don’t try and control you. Strong people lie less, they do what they say they’re going to do and they’re often reliable. Thus, what is required of you are some adjustments, not a revolution. If you’re single, then this could actually be a time when you meet someone. What’s on the agenda with Mars in Aquarius is independence and a good heart. Those are all good things in a partnership. You won’t have to go too far to meet this person either, he or she is in your environment.

The Grand trine in water includes Venus, Neptune and Jupiter -- the ruler of your sign. A grand trine in water keeps things flowing, and often brings you opportunity without resistance or problems. Work and home life may receive the blessings of this aspect. You will feel confident or even carelessly so. When there are no boundaries or obstacles, the lack of resistance or challenges can expose you to the world unprotected. Venus rules your house of friends and so either you will enjoy their company or they’ll invade your privacy when you want to be alone. Learn how to say no.

May 15th Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus where it has been for seven years. This is a major shift in energy for everyone. For a Sadge, it sets off their house of work, schedule, health and the spiritual connection they make to others. With Uranus strong there is freedom at work and in your life more than usual. Perhaps you’re thinking of going freelance instead of working for one company. The need to set your own schedule will become important. If you have any health issues, they will arise early in the seven-year cycle. So, attend to them if and when they emerge and they won’t turn into something serious.   

With Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd house of finances, this is an area that you’d like to improve. You know you are worth more than what others are paying you. Now is a great time to adjust the discrepancy. With Saturn in its own sign, Capricorn, you have a chance to dig in and make important changes. Sometimes it’s just our attitude that is holding us back, perhaps we need a higher perspective of ourselves. 






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