May Horoscope for Scorpio

(October 23rd - November 21st)

It’s a challenging month for relationships, only because there are changes to be dealt with. You don’t have much choice, so if you want to keep things going -- adjust. Success comes with a grand trine in water. Don’t waste this moment, they don’t come often. If the door opens -- walk through it.

The ability to be important requires one to let go of the importance of others. If you’re an approval seeker, then you’ve given your chance for importance away. This is the wisdom of Scorpio. They no longer wish to be the center of the world, they want to be at the helm of their own life. This separates them from others. To own your center means you are connected to your instincts and what makes you unique. Most people have trouble taking this step, because it separates them from the collective or mainstream. To be a powerful Scorpio you can’t be afraid to be alone. You need to value yourself above all others. I’m not talking about ego, although this is a possibility. To reach real power the ego must surrender to a higher power, to faith, not just facts. This is why most Scorpios go through a crisis, they have trouble letting go of the control.  

With the Full Moon on the 29th in the 2nd house of values and finances, your challenge is to balance the give and take of life. You may also be asked to face your issues of intimacy; how comfortable are you with being vulnerable in the presence of someone you love. Most people wish for intimacy, but have no clue on how to achieve it. The primary requirement is being present. And with smart phones today, so few people are ever present. So now is the time to see what’s not working and make adjustments.

Uranus is shaking us all up. On May 15th it enters Taurus and your 7th house of relationships. If your relationship is in good standing, it will still be safe, however, changes will be happening. Uranus represents freedom and independence and so a partner may be doing something that allows for greater self–expression. This may please you or upset you, whichever it is remind yourself that relationships need to grow, otherwise they can self-destruct. So, open yourself up to the new. Embrace the changes that are coming into your life. If you’ve been having serious problems in your partnership, then it could end if you want it to and if you don’t, you’ve got seven years to work it out. If you’re single, then this is an opportunity to meet a very independent and unique partner. Someone who marches to their own tune. If you’re just coming out of a relationship then you may meet someone who takes you to the next level by being extreme in some area that you need. Enjoy the ride and don’t worry about where it’s going. What’s meant to be is meant to be.   

The grand trine in water is a wonderful gift for everyone. It connects Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Success or the ability to take yourself to the next level, is on the table. The doors will open when you stand in front of them, so know what you want. We all think that success has to be difficult, but if you do the work, when the timing is right – it happens. Even when it drops into your lap, you still have to engage and move it forward. Don’t let your fear of success get in the way of your next big step. The only real difference between success and failure besides the pay check is friendships. The higher you go the fewer the people you can take with you. People project their insecurities on you and many become jealous. The key to handling it all is to just be you and let everyone else work out their own stuff.

Career is a focus this month. Your 10th house of goals is ruled by Leo and the Sun. The Sun is in square Neptune from the 21st on. During this time, you won’t have your feet on the ground, so be careful if you need to make some important decisions. You may not see all the facts. So start listing them if you need to make an important decision and don’t hesitate to get advice. It’s the smart thing to do.

Saturn and Pluto are in your 3rd house of communication and siblings. Perhaps a sister or brother is going through some difficulties and there is a focus on them. If not, perhaps your job requires you to be more responsible for everything you say because you’re in a position where everyone listens to you. How you communicate now will be scrutinized and so it’s important to pay attention to your communication skills. The scrutiny can make you feel under siege, but the truth is we’re all responsible for what we say and how we say it. Once you accept that, the rest is easy.   


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