Taurus \ July

(April 21th– May 20th)

The sign of Taurus is where the soul defines itself and decides who it is and where it’s going. Some are born knowing the answers to these questions and the rest struggle with making choices that will shape their character and personality. If you don’t make a commitment to something, you’ll never really know what it has to offer – the surface is all you will experience. So much of what has value is hidden and takes time to be revealed. The Achilles Heel of a Taurus is freedom. Those that have not learned from experience and gathered the threads of wisdom for future reference, do not realize that it is structure and definition that sets them free, not unlimited choices. This month, conflict arises around career and goals. The quest is independence. To have it means the sacrifice of unconditional love: you can’t be yourself and please everyone all the time. It’s just not possible. Responsibility for your choices is a must, otherwise others will influence your decisions. Independence is a weaning process, not a mental decision. It means you’ve committed to standing on your own two feet no matter what comes your way. It’s the child in you that wants it all and shuns compromise. However, true wisdom is the ability to extract what’s essential to your purpose and the rest you can give away.  

With Mars retrograde in your 10th house of career, it’s time to go inward and understand yourself and your intentions more clearly. Map your path and have a strategy and be ready to adjust it as you go. Mars retrograde requires patience because you need to wait for others to reveal their hand before you make a move. Take things one step at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Change makes you insecure because you don’t feel in control, but control has nothing to do with holding things back from moving forward. Control means self-control: can you count on yourself to show up and do the work on time.  You have the talent and the ability to become the best in your field, but you can’t do it without a commitment and self-discipline.  

Relationships are strong but far from perfect. Someone is angry at you and my guess is they have every reason to be. With Mars, the ruler of your 7thhouse, in retrograde, old issues will cause present problems – what you avoid doesn’t disappear, it just comes back to haunt you when you least need a problem. You can continue to ignore the feelings of others or you can choose to work things out -- its’ up to you. Jupiter is in your 7thhouse and it’s making a square to Mars and Mercury: communication is difficult, you’re going to have to tell the truth and listen to what others have to say. Actually, that’s how good relationships work. Finances are an issue, but you can resolve it with a commitment.  If you’re single, then it’s a mixed bag. You will certainly meet others that turn you on, but with Mars retrograde chances are it won’t last. Don’t get discouraged it’s just not the right time.  

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26thin your 4thhouse of the home.  It goes direct on August 19th. During this time people from your past may appear. You may find that communication is difficult or it’s unreliable. In fact, getting any new project to advance is a challenge. The way to use this energy is to clean out the old, finish what you’ve started and put all new things on hold. The more you pay attention to getting what has already been started done, the more you will be happy with this energy. If you have to sign a contract, of course, go ahead. However, if you can wait until Mercury goes direct there will be less changes and surprises as you move forward.  

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