May Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)

The urge to travel is strong, you need to feel free and you yearn for an adventure. Don’t deny yourself, if you can pull it off. Your soul and spirit is strong. Spirit always loves the unknown – something unexpected to challenge its body, mind and spirit. Relationships are also good, so whether you’re in one or want to meet someone, the experience should be rewarding.   

The crisis in Virgo is one of faith. To advance, one needs to take a risk or should I say forge into the unknown. It’s time to relinquish the illusion of control. Moving away from familiarity, friends and safe places is necessary if one wants to succeed and grow. To set out on a journey requires the ability to communicate with others, to know who and what to trust and most importantly to have a relationship with your inner guide. Your inner voice is there to help you in a crisis or unfamiliar territory. Virgo is a mutable sign and so the mission is to raise one’s consciousness. Often a Virgo finds itself in a moment of powerlessness and through a series of events and leaps of faith one gains faith in themselves and a higher power. This is where you escape the jaws of the monster over and over again through mere synchronicity and help from strangers. When you can begin to see the thread that binds us all, the power of asking the universe for help and showing gratitude when it arrives, then you will not only be given power but you won’t abuse it.

The Full Moon on the 29th falls in your 4th house of home and safety. You may find yourself emotional toward the end of the month. It may have to do with you finally receiving recognition for your work and the praise makes you feel vulnerable. That’s all good, but what needs your focus is balance; are you giving enough to both your work/life dynamics. Are you spending enough time with friends and those you love? It’s so easy to get caught up in success and neglect relationships. In good times or bad it is our relationships with others that gets us through.

With Uranus entering Taurus on the 15th there is a sense of freedom and independence that you feel and it reinvigorates your desire to travel and see the world. It’s a great time to open yourself up to new experiences, new ideas and new ideals. You are going through a transformation and there are things that will annoy you more than they should. So, step back and don’t take whatever is happening as personal – it’s not. Don’t give up the amazing feelings you will be experiencing in spite of your aggravation.

There is a magnificent grand trine in water that will make you feel satisfied and empowered. It is happening between Venus, Neptune and Jupiter, so love and idealism are high. Things flow, especially when it comes to your social life and travel. This is your time to feed your spirit and come out stronger than ever. With Jupiter in Scorpio there is no way you can totally avoid reality. Scorpio energy is all about looking under the rug and seeing what everyone is hiding. The more you are willing to face the truth, the stronger and more powerful you become.

Saturn and Pluto are occupying your 5th house of children, pleasure and authority. This is a great chance to take charge of your life. If you have children and you’ve been too lenient, then this is the time to set some new rules and enforce them. Children always know when you mean what you say, so don’t say anything you’re not serious about following through with. If you’re single it’s still a great time to set boundaries and take charge. Don’t hesitate to state who you. You need to let others know what you accept and what you don’t.

Relationships are very good this month with the grand trine making things flow. You feel understood and appreciated. You feel strong and able to handle whatever is coming your way. Your partner will be there for you. If you’re single, then open yourself up to meeting the right person. Grand trines are amazing because they make things seem easy and we all know that relationships seldom are.

Your 10th house of career is ruled by Gemini. With Mercury transiting this house for the next month, if nothing else, you will be busy. You like to do more than one thing at a time. If your job is highly focused it would help for you to have a hobby or a side job, variety is the key to your life – it keeps you happy. In fact, you prefer to be busy than have nothing to do.





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